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Review:WitnesstoitAll says:

So I had a really difficult choosing what I wanted to read off of your page!! There is a tremendous amount of diversity there, so kudos to you for that. I was torn between this and your Astoria fic (I want to save your georgelina for when I finish mine -- don't want to muddle my mind at all, lol), but I eventually chose this seeing as there are't many Roxanne fics on the archive.

I thought that you have a really unique and interesting take on all of the extended Weasley family!! I was a little thrown by you calling Fred, Perce but I got used to it as the story progressed. Percy and Audrey were my favorite!! I really like your take on George and Angelina, and thought that your characterization of Roxanne was wonderful!!

I do wonder if maybe there was an awful lot of detail in this one little chapter -- it could very well be a bit overwhelming for readers new to the next gen genre or even to experienced readers. I was able to follow along easily enough, but I think that when I read later chapters I may pause and wonder what details belonged to which people.

This is only a minor, stylistic suggestion, though!! All in all, I thought that this was a lovely chapter!! I am very intrigued about this Benjamin Malfoy -- any reason you didn't use Scorpius?? I think it's really cool that you are trying something different by giving Malfoy an adoptive son. good for you.

Great work!! I'm anxious to see how chapter two plays out (and to read astoria ... and eventually your georgelina). &hearts.

Author's Response: Hey! :D

*Fangirls* Oh, my goodness! I don't even know what to say, thank you so much! *fangirls again* I was just about to log off but decided to look at my stories one more time (To see if anyone answered my reviews, to be honest, hehe) when I noticed that I got one more bump on this story.
I wasn't at all sure what you would stop by to review, to be honest. I couldn't think what you might have liked the most but this wasn't the story that I thought you'd hop onto! But I suppose you could save my Astoria story for later and my Georgelina is calling your name! Give in to temptation! Hahah.
Nah, don't do that, its cool.
Or is it?
Anyway, I noticed that there weren't alot of Roxanne stories on the archive, which I thought was a shame. I had written this story, originally titled as "Growth" but got rid of it when I couldn't get it to go where I needed.
It was so hard writing all of those Weasleys and my details got really muddled after a while and I aplogozie. Its a bad habit of mine that I make in all of my stories, I have to start cutting back on them a little.
And edit more. Hehehe.
With Roxanne calling her brother "Perce" instead of Fred, I just wanted to try something different. It might come up later in more depth but for now, its just a nickname that I hope doesn't bug anyone. Heheh.
Percy/Audrey forever! >_< I love them!
Georgelina FOREVER! Hahaha. I'd had a better grasp of those two since doing my story so writing them wasn't really that hard this time.
I think? Hahaha.
Benjamin! Yep, I'd wanted to try something a little different instead of using Scorpius. (I will tell you now that I spell his name wrong, going on a typo so its Scorpious. Not that its important or anything.) In my NG, Scorpius is actually still eleven, ten in this fanfic so him and Roxanne hooking up is sort of, uhm, naughty. Haha.
Benjamin himself is a good character to write for since he's an OC. But you might not like him too much towards the last chapter I have up if you keep reading. >:D
Thanks so much for coming to read this and I hope to see you around on the forums! :D
So many hearts!
Much love,

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