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Review:Remus says:
So! I'm finally here! I figured that if the world was going to end, whether it be by zombies or Godzilla...I might as well give you one last review, right? XD

The line:

"For you to tell me that my parents can't come see me at St. Mungo's if I'm sick or attend their grandson's Hogwarts graduation... That's simply not acceptable."

Seriously. Up until now, that thought never crossed my mind about muggle relatives going over to the wizarding side for their muggle born children. Lots of 'What ifs' you know. Wow, only took you 5 paragraphs to turn my HP world upside down! Hahaha, now I want to find JKR and ask her about this. How would it work, etc...

For a split second there...I thought Hermione was really arguing with one of her nieces or nephews. Somehow, you manage to do this every time, sir!

The package...who sent it to her? Was it Grayback himself trying to lure Hermione or laugh at her? Speaking of come she didn't know about the hearing? Is there something going on within the Wizengamot, like corruption? For there to be little wizards it makes me think that 1) they just didn't care enough or 2) they're doing this hearing in secret so that he could go free. Oh and that purple ribbon. It immediately made me think of Lavender who either died in the movies or didn't...her fate is a mystery to me. However, she was a victim of Greyback in the movie (and almost one in the books) so that's why my mind went straight to her. However, I guess I get to find out in the next chapter!

Speaking of Greyback, I was expecting to hear him taunt Hermione about her last name. He calls her Granger and continues to do so through out the end of the chapter. I figured he would try to 'correct' himself to put Hermione on edge while appearing to the rest of the Wizengamot that he really is trying to become part of society. Maybe even calling her "Mrs. Weasley" just to really enjoy messing with her.

I really enjoyed Hermione the Barrister. She still has that drive she had back in school but about X100 stronger if that makes any sense. As always, your Hermione feels very spot on, so we're not going to dwell about that. Albus on the other come he doesn't feel as shocked as Hermione about Greyback. Shouldn't he know of the crimes Greyback committed being a barrister himself? Of the stories he might've heard form his parents, uncles, aunts? That was the one think that stuck out to me. But it was just a minor detail...I'm sure you have a reason behind it.

I'm not so sure about Greyback to be honest. Part of me believes that some people do feel bad for their actions, some actually seek death, feeling horrible for what they've done. I mean...I live in Texas, where the capital punishment is death and I read or watch the local news about them and read what they said before the injection. But there's some, and I think Greyback falls into this category, that just doesn't feel bad about what they've done. But again...I'm torn! People deserve a second chance in life...but there's other who just don't. Is he rehabilitated? Does he feel remorse? Is Hermione's hatred towards him getting in the way of allowing Greyback have a fair parole hearing trial?

I suppose I should read the next chapter to find out! Haha! XD

Alright enough of a super long review!

Until next time, Dan!


Author's Response: Yay! Rosie's review survived Server-Migration-Pocalypse 2012!

The Statute of Secrecy is one of those things that cuts both ways, I think. It's very sensible overall, but the application in specific instances can be very burdensome on witches and wizards who come from muggle or mixed-magical families. I don't feel a bit of doubt that Hermione would still be fighting that battle many years after the end of the war.

You'll learn the true nature of the package in the next chapter. For now, let's just say that it was sent by somebody who was concerned about the possibility of Greyback being released. And the ribbon, well, you may be onto something there. ;)

Greyback wants to be free. He's behaving just as he should to appear "reformed" for the members of the Wizengamot. Is that because he's actually reformed or just because he's putting on a show? You'll find out soon...

Albus is aware of Greyback's crimes, but I think he's still very caught up in his aunt's idealism. He's spent most of his life listening to her talk about how werewolves are treated unfairly by the rest of wizarding society because of their illness. I think it's a relatively short leap from there to concluding that oppression and prejudice had a lot to do with why a lot of werewolves sided with Voldemort during the war. It hasn't really dawned on him that Greyback saw the Dark Lord's rise as a way to further spread lycanthropy, not a means to avenge his ill treatment at the hands of other wizards.

I think Greyback will have an imminently fair trial, but I guess I'm biased, being the author. You'll just have to let me know what you think.

I do hope you enjoy the next chapter! I actually started to write this story when I was around halfway done with CoB and it languished in my uncompleted projects directory for months. It felt good to finish it up. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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