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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:
-runs wildly around, not knowing what to talk about first-

Okay. Charlie. I will talk about him first because I WANT TO YELL AT YOU SO MUCH. You got me all complacent after your last review response to me, when you were all "Charlie dead? Hmm... Never crossed my mind before~" and I fully expected to see him jump out from behind a rock and save everyone or something. You made me not nervous about him anymore only to CRUSH MY SOUL BETWEEN YOUR EVIL FINGERS.


Ron and Hermion's reunion was PERFECT. I seriously had tears in my eyes, it was so intense and wonderful and much-anticipated. And this part:

And then her eyes found Hermione, who smiled weakly at her; the word brave reverberated again through Ron's head.

- The only thing I love more than Hermione's bravery is Ron's admiration of her bravery. Their trio is now a duo, and for too long it was even less than that; so to have the two of them back together again is the moment I have been waiting for since the story began. I felt so many waves of emotion - heartbreak, anguish, fear, relief, happiness - all of the joy tempered by the horribleness of Charlie's death and the war still being far from over. You did not disappoint with this. It was exactly the reunion I wanted to see. And while we're still on the subject of Hermione and Ron, I also liked this part:

There was a slight pop, and a sharp gasp of pain from Hermione, and Ron fought the sudden, stupid urge to push his mother away from her.

- It's not fair, these details you add that make everything so lifelike. Please pass some of that talent around.

The most powerful part of this chapter, for me, was Molly's march. How she went ahead of everyone, even Kingsley. It would be so incredibly terrifying to be leading the rest of her shattered family back into the place still steeped in death, risking losing more of her beloved children. But fighting is something she has to do, no matter what. I was so happy when she killed Bellatrix. Admittedly the first time I read Bellatrix's death in DH, I was upset that Neville hadn't killed her. I didn't see why Molly should have. But over time it's become my very favorite thing, that she was able to. Maybe it's because I'm a mom now and I know that if anyone ever tried to hurt my baby, there is absolutely nowhere on this earth they could possibly hide from me. I would stop at nothing to find them. The very idea of it just kicks your instincts into overdrive and all you want to do is go destroy that threat.

And because I found too many quotes I wanted to throw back at you and you can't stop me from doing so, I loved this, too:

and Molly whipped her head around; Arthur was no longer behind her, and for a moment she had a wild, absurd thought that he had fallen in the course of the battle, brief as the actual fighting already was.

- She is so strong. Just thinking about how hard she always tried to keep her kids safe, getting frazzled and anxious and making everyone else nuts while she tried in vain to keep them all close to her, under her perpetual watch...and then here she is with no choice but to treat them like fellow soldiers. If anyone deserves justice, it's Molly. I hope she goes in there and slashes them all to pieces.

And now it's struck me all of a sudden that any of them could kill Voldemort. Harry's dead. It could be any of them. Or maybe Voldemort just dies unexpectedly. I have no idea what's going to happen next! Gah!

Voldemort was his evil canon self, overestimating his abilities despite him bleeding all over the place, putting too much store in the prophecy, underestimating his enemies. He has no emotional cause. He's won, and that's all he's ever wanted, and so now what? What could possibly fuel him in a battle? Coming up against a motley crew of mangled post-war survivors whose grief and hunger for vengeance is still fresh on their minds, I don't think he stands a chance in hell. But of course he wouldn't see that because he thinks too highly of himself. HE IS SO DUMB. GOD.

Looove this. ♥

Author's Response: I knew I shouldn't have put this off yesterday. It is no easier responding to this now, as opposed to then, BUT I'LL TRY MY BEST.

I made you complacent on purpose. :3 Excuse me while I cackle like a madwoman right now. I think I've made it a career of crushing your soul by now. It probably looks like a pancake. You could make lots of pancake Horcruxes.

I'm so, so glad you liked the Ron/Hermione reunion, though! It was very intimidating to write -- that's something that the ENTIRE STORY has been building up to, and moments like that make me scared to write them, because it's hard to know how readers see the story versus how I see it, and I'm always worried about disappointing people. But I'm pleased with it on a personal level. :D I don't even know how many times I've said it by now, but they are SO right together, the two of them. When I think of them together, I just see them constantly surprising each other; their relationship is never fixed, never staying in one place. They learn something new about each other every day. I WANT TO WRITE THEM FOREVER. ♥

I'll write all the Weasleys forever. Especially Molly! I do think that quite a bit of her characterization actually came from the fact that I was reading Unsinkable during this story, because that gave me a different appreciation for Arthur/Molly. Molly and Hermione aren't so different -- bossy, strong, with the ability to make the men in their lives bow to their bidding almost without them knowing it. :D It must be a Weasley thing, to be attracted to women like that.

I know that you've read chapter 14 by this point, so responding to the last bit of this review is no loner necessary... which makes me feel so much worse, for leaving this as long as I did. How did I get so backed up on reviews? But I don't appreciate it any less, for all that I've put off responding to it. You read more of my writing than anyone else, and have inspired more of it than anyone else, and I cannot ever thank you enough.

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