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Review:my_voice_rising says:
Okay, so I wanted to come and read another chapter of Other Side of the Glass for the review swap, but then I read the story summary for this and was struck by how incredibly beautiful it was. So here I am. :)

I am speechless. The section titled "Lithe and Limber" is absolutely stunning; I am one hundred percent in love with this. The weight of the house pushing lavender down, crushing her, like one of the flowers in the books... stunning. And you give us reasons as to why she becomes so attached later in her life, to Ron for example. Her mother is such an interesting character; loving and comforting yet incredibly distant and willing to put her daughter second to a creature like Viola. This is absolutely breathtaking work.

Your description of Parvati versus Padma is really unique. I love the differences in the sisters, down to the golden butterfly hair clip and the bitten fingernails. And "star-hot gazes" of constellations actually gave me chills. I am curious to know how Viola has changed over the years, though, and if she is still haunting Lavender, demanding that she be called her sister. I'll read on though; perhaps she's in the next section.

One thing that I find a lot of fanfic writers do is have their characters getting a bit drunk off Butterbeer. But only House Elves can get drunk off of it, rather than humans (I didn't know this until I recently saw it on hp-lexicon). Honestly I don't think it's a big deal, but if you wanted to change it to make it more canon, I just thought I'd let you know :)

I love your explanation of Won-Won though; it's such a ridiculous aspect of Lavender's character and you give it an explanation. And I have to say that I was surprised when she kissed Padma, but then it all made complete sense. And your portrayal of the demise of Trewlaney is incredible.

Although I am still wondering what happened to Viola? Surely they would interact at some point, and I think that would be worth mentioning--on a personal note, I think it would be particularly haunting if Lavender turned from kissing Padma and saw Viola watching. Also, a bit confusing: you say that the Patils were gone when Lavender was at breakfast, which makes it sound like they left without notice. But then she and Padma kissed before Dumbledore's funeral. You may want to clarify if that was all within the same day, otherwise it's a bit murky :)

I like that she felt "pinned to the spot" after her meeting with Firenze; it reminds us of the scene with the bookshelf and, I would think, foreshadows a reunion with Viola?

How beautiful that Lavender is "seeing (Seeing?)" everything clearly when she is about to fight at the Battle of Hogwarts. It's become her greatest concern, even over Padma. And then it all becoming too gruesomely clear when she sees Greyback. Your description of him is perfectly horrifying.

And the ending... the ENDING. Oh my god. I am completely blown away. This is one of the best stories I have ever read on HPFF. Absolutely stunning, incredible work. I wish I could do more than just favorite this. Amazing job.


I am squeeeing. I am blown away by your review. I am aahhh. THANK YOU OMG.

I wasn't really expecting reviews for this story because it's well...9000+ words and with not a lot of action or anything. Unless of course I went to the Reviews Offered section and inflict a request on some poor person with a slot open :P But aaahh...thank you for reading this to the end and reviewing!


Yeah, I do know there's still work to be done with this fic; I need to go back and tighten things up, and perhaps cut some of it out (this story is some 4000 words over my personal word limit bahaha). And perhaps work on the characters a little. As for the Patils' leaving part, yeah I guess it was rather unclear. I will def go back and clear things up there and everywhere else!

Thanks thanks and thanks for your fabulous comments! I LOVE YOUR REVIEW. now I shall get through the day grinning like an idiot :D


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