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Review:dramione7 (or abby) says:
Omg please, you have to update. I'm like in love with this story. This is definitely one of the best Dramione fanifcs I've ever read. You are truly an amazing writer. Unlike some writers who just quickly write about Draco and Hermione falling in love, you clearly you put lots of time and consideration in this to make it good. Like the riddles for the Vaults, or the plot of the poem book, or that whole thing with the light that Draco saw, and the apple and how basically the story somewhat relates to him. It's all amazing. Everytime I read a chapter, each time I'm amazed more than the last. Another thing I really love about this is how you portray Draco's character. He starts out as the 'Mudblood-hater' who we all know, except this time he is attracted to one. Then he slowly shows his good side more often, the sweet, loving, caring and generous side, and because of his past, what with him loving Stella, it's makes it believable that he is capable of this. Then there is him starting out a friendship with the girl he's crushing on. Which slowly turns to love. And again, unlike some writers who just write out their love for each other, you didn't exactly do that. I guess what I'm trying to say is that some writers would start with all the secret meetings and kissing and stuff, but you didn't you made them talk for an excruciating long time (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating :P) until they were sure that they have feelings for each other. But there is still that whole thing about how even now that Draco knows she feels the same way, he is taking he's grandfather's advice, and taking everything slow. And how he's all respectful and thoughtful about everything. He's such a sweet guy in this. And how he thinks that just because he was practically forced into being a Death Eater, that it makes him a bad person. It shows that he doesn't think he's all this and that, that he's actually insecure about things, and has feelings too. And the way you write it all, it makes their love for each other seem so real. You make it sound so believable. I just love how this sounds like those really good dark romance novels that I love reading. Everything is so thought our which makes it intriguing in a way because everything is so deep and meaningful (which is not cheesy) which just makes it so. dnfgbskljhf. Words can't even describe it. I just love this story so much. Now, I'm supposed to be doing my project which is worth like 30% of my final mark in the year, due in two days, haven't started, and I can't because this story is keeping my from doing it. But I'll go and do it right now, and you go and finish the chapter so that I don't die. I know anything you scrap up will be, like, perfect and I just can't wait! Is he actually gonna tell her that he's a Death Eater? In the banner she says no, but this whole time i thought she would overlook it because she knows that he is a good guy... whatever! Anything you write will be good, so don't take too long or else people like me will legit die. You're an amazing author, I love your writing and keep up the good work :D

(sorry i wrote, like, a novel. i tend to do that to fanfics i love)

Author's Response: Abby, my dear, I hope you forgive me in taking so long to respond. It's been an embarassingly long time and I'm so very sorry. It is reviews such as yours that paralyze me in making me speechless. Your review glows of excitement for my story and I never know what to say. A mere Thank you is clearly not enough and you deserve my attention and great care in rendering a response.

This pairing is dear to my heart and I love the stories that I have read on this Archive involving Dramione. The masses love them, but there are many who do not. They do not understand it and feel they are not realistic and quite unbelievable. When I began this story, a small part of it was to see if I could make it believable. And falling in love slowly is a large part of that believability, as is giving them both good, viable reasons to love each other. Lust is very different than love, as you mention he was just crushing on her at first, but then it became something completely different.

Their talks, the depth and topics of conversation, and the fun they are able to have without arguing as much as they thought they would all build up to a relationship. They see each other differently than in other years. And certainly, his history of women is also steering him to her. He also sees that she genuinely CARES about him, where most do not. All considered, it is my hope to bring them together in a very believable way. Honestly, I try to do this with all of my stories.

You bring up so many parts of my story, the riddles for the vaults, the magical book and how it relates to him, and sweet little Stella, his first heartbreak. So many things piece this story together, hopefully make it interesting while keeping it magical (and hopefully unique to other stories). Thank you so much for your kind words.

His grandfather warned him that starting a relationship with her before the war would be disastrous, but he could not help himself.

As far as him being thoughtful and respectful, I would like to think that Lucius did teach him the importance of being a gentleman, but he knows that being a gentleman and a 'good man' are two different things and he struggles with this.

You give me a wonderful compliment regarding "those dark romance novels." Thank you so much. You don't know how much your comment fills my heart. :D

Someday, I would love to be published and this novel is on the road in my journey to that goal. It is a grand experiment to see if I can really do it and actually finish it. So, thank you so much. And thank you in describing my story as "deep and meaningful" as I always fear cheesy-ness.

I hope your project went well. It is a compliment that my story kept you from doing it, but it is much more important than my ramblings. : )

And as for your question about what is going to happen and what Hermione will say...The banner remains unchanged. ;(

Your little 'novel' of a review has been so wonderful to read over and over again. I have enjoyed it so much as your excitement for my story is evident and inspiring. This next chapter has been giving me fits, as so much is riding on this climactic chapter. It is going to be crazy and I am fearful that it will not turn out right. I am working on it, but I am struggling. I will keep going, but please try to be patient. It is reviews like yours that I love to read as true inspiration for writing the next chapter. It jumpstarts me to continue.

Your review was amazing and I'm so sorry that I did not respond timely. I'm a terrible person for not answering sooner.

My author heart thanks you dearly,
Dark Whisper

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