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Review:Athene Goodstrength says:
Hi Akussa!

I知 so sorry it痴 taken so long for me to get back to you with my half of the Holiday Review Swap! Real life, meh. But I知 glad I知 back, because this chapter was adorable! I really enjoyed reading it. When I知 reviewing I just write notes down, so I知 sorry if this review seems a little rambly or out of the right order.

I really liked seeing Hugo and Lily being truly childlike in their excitement and nerves and innocence. Often, the 鮮ext Gen are portrayed as being fully formed adults in 11 year old bodies, so I enjoyed your portrayal of them as children. You also captured the hustle and bustle of Platform 9 & セ really nicely, it made me feel all excited. I *loved* the relationship between Hugo and his uncle George, it痴 a beautiful stroke of inspiration; I知 glad George remains mischievous despite the things he痴 gone through.

Rose is a perfect blend of both her parents - I love your characterization of her. She痴 got Granger brains but a Weasley attitude to life... a dangerous and exciting combination! You壇 think it would be quite a lot for Hermione and Ron to deal with, but I love their parenting style as portrayed in this chapter. I thought it was a very poignant and realistic touch that Ron would make sure his kids know how fortunate they are to get new robes. I also liked the allusion towards Hermione worrying about Hugo hearing things that aren稚 there - it reminded me of her stressing at Harry over the basilisk voice, his scar and his dreams. It痴 a very nice bit of characterization that shows me you really know and care about these characters. One thing stood out though - Hermione calling her son 礎aby. That struck me as a little American, or at least, not very Hermione-ish!

The little mention of Harry and Ginny痴 ruthless and hilarious way of dealing with James痴 bad behaviour at school made me laugh so much. It痴 really imaginative and enjoyable.

Poor Uncle Percy! Hahaha. I feel sorry for him, but that bit did make me laugh. I知 not close to my own cousins, so it was cool to see the Potters and Weasleys taking care of each other.

I love that the method of Sorting remains a mystery to the young ones - I always wondered why ickle Ron wouldn稚 know that it痴 a Hat, but it makes sense that it痴 kept a secret from kids before they go to Hogwarts. Part of the experience, I guess!
I thought it was interesting that you mention primary schools throughout this chapter. Will there be more about this? It痴 usually understood that children are homeschooled until Hogwarts (which always seems a bit crazy to me!).

With all the build up that there is, I was a little surprised that we don稚 get to see Hugo realising what the Sorting Ceremony entails. I think you could include a nice moment there. I thought the hat sliding down little Creevey痴 head was a very nice nod to his poor little uncle.

I found the Weasley fear of 創ot belonging to be fascinating. They come from a large, loving, inclusive family and it actually makes perfect sense that they (even Bill! Even Fred and George!) would be nervous about going to a new 蘇ome where they don稚 automatically belong.

I love reading about Sortings. It automatically makes for an exciting, tense chapter... but you致e also succeeded in making it a warm, fuzzy, lovely chapter. It was good to see Hugo and Lily agreeing to be friends and meet up etc - I think interhouse friendships should appear in FF more.

I noticed a few misspellings - The first time you mention Hufflepuff, the 銑 and the 薦 are the wrong way around. When Hagrid is calling the kids to the boats, I believe it should be 素irst years, rather than 素irst year. And 前livanders should be 前llivander. Finally, there was one that really made me giggle - someone gives an 'apoplectic' smile; I think you mean 疎pologetic. Apoplectic means 素urious ;)

This chapter was very enjoyable, it was warm and sweet, and I could see your affection for the characters. Your Hugo is adorable. You致e also given us a mystery to wonder about - that music! I giggled to myself, because I wondered if Hugo was hearing the movie soundtrack :P I知 intrigued. I may well be back soon to read on!

Thanks for the swap! Ho ho ho!
Athene xo

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