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Review:WitnesstoitAll says:
Hey Jami!!

This was such an enjoyable read and I'm so, so glad I selected it. I was first pulled into it by the banner -- I have a very soft spot for stories about the Weasley brothers or their spouses, and so Fleur is no different. I decided I definitely had to read this story when I looked over the reviews and saw all the (what I know know to be very very well earned) glowing praise it's received.

Fleur is such an intriguing character!! She's of course very beautiful and is often perceived as being rather cold -- given her portrayal in GoF, but she must also be loving and brave to have stood beside bill through such difficult and dangerous times, and I think you captured the complexity of her character really really well in this story. I found the parts where she's forcing herself not to feel or cry b/c it's not her place, it's their time to grieve and her time to be strong for them. I think this is the sort of mentality that is often perveived as coldness in canon. From the outside, I think it'd be very easy to assume that somebody not crying in such a horrifying state of affairs was a cold person, but seeing her thoughts and grief in the absence of her tears speaks to her very caring protective nature. She's really rather maternal, I think -- I imagine her to be a wonderful mother to Victoire, Dom and Louis.

I was also really moved when she saw Ginny as Gabrielle. When she said that one of her best skills was being a good sister. When you described Ginny not as a young woman, but as a child -- it all really served to put this battle and its insensible losses into perspective. they really are (most of them) only children. Whenever fic reminds me of just how young these impromtu, willing soldiers who fought and died in this battle, I'm always reminded of the quotes JKR chose to place in the front of DH and feel the emotions I felt the very first time I read them all over again. It's not very often that people represent Ginny in a soft light, and I really appreciated the way you handled her character here.

Annd the action! Wowee! It was all really well done. I love the presence of mind that Fleur had to grab Ginny's wand before offering herself over to Greyback. I cannot even believe what had to be running through Bill's mind during those few moments, already having lost so much.

Gosh, Jami... this is spectacular. I know that you said that this was your first second person fic, but you really did quite well balancing the disconnect inherent to the style with Fleur's rather personal thoughts. I often find that if you start writing a fic and it just comes out in the second person that it is meant to be and it will work if you see it through. This reads like such a story and I'm glad you were brave enough to see it through. The result is really quite excellent.

Great story and great swap!! Keep up the great work, my dear, you're fab.

Author's Response: I'm so happy you chose this piece! I didn't want to link it, just because I know it's not everyone's cup of tea.. but yeah I did back flips inside when I saw the new review for it. Also, I'm replying to it now because if I don't I'll chicken out and it'll sit here for days. ANYWAY.

Fleur is one of my very favorite characters to write about because of those complexities. She married a man who was part of a family of the biggest blood traitors, some of the most target by Voldemort... she stuck by him after her wedding was attacked by Death Eaters.. and when she's portrayed as that stupid, mean girl that has nothing but looks going for her I just want to scream. I'm so happy that you felt like I did justice to her complexities in this. And I think your exactly write about what she's doing because while she's not crying, that may come off to the people that don't know her well as cold, it's anything but. She just knows that she doesn't deserve to hurt the way these people are, she needs to help them. And I totally agree with your opinion on what a good mother she'd make. The fact that she's so protective of her younger speaks volumes about her character, imo.

For Athene Goodstrengths Strange Meeting challenge I was assigned these two, and I knew that the only realistic meeting would be during the battle. So, though I'm not entirely convinced she would be the one to step up knowing what kind of fear it would cause Bill, I do think the scenario ended up working well in this.

Ahhh I'm so happy you liked the second person ♥ And this story.. You know how much I love your writing, so seeing all these nice complements from you just makes me want to hug you so hard until you make a squeeze noise. At least, that's what I do to Tryp :P Thanks for such an awesome swap, m'dear ♥

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