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Review:LovlyRita says:
Aw snap! I'm back!

DUDE. I totes called Alrek out! What a jerk face. He needs to stay far away from the good side as he can! Oh and he's sent DIRECTLY from Voldemort?! Nasty piece of work, that one!

Oooh Bellatrix I just love her. she is so fabulous. I mean she's horrible, but she's fabulous. I love the way she grabbed regulus's chin and is like...I am more important than you, you listen to me, you are a pawn. And I also love that Regulus also has that kind of attitude over Snape. Maybe that's like a Black thing but they both seem to have that going for them. Regulus puts Snape in his place, Bellatrix puts Regulus in his place, and Bella obviously falls at the feet of the dark lord. Loves it.

Oh and Bellatrix and the rat! I had her kill a rat in my story too :D It seems she does not have much tolerance for rats hahaha.

So now I'm watching Belle, and I can't imagine how hard this must be for her to tell this secret. I say this, I haven't even read it yet, I just happen to already know the truth :P

Oh I ADORE your description of the flames here, especially the "devouring yellow" line, that produces great imagery, love love!

and now i've read it all the way to the end. What a heart breaking story for Belle :( It was just one thing after another, but when I read about the way Christophe had responded, the way he turned everyone against her, told his parents he had nothing to do with it, all of that...what a horrible thing. And thing about it is, that is all too common in the real world. It's so easy for men who just don't want to take responsibilities for their actions to finger point and call the woman any number of horrible names just because they can, because they aren't the ones that are going to go through the physical changes, and all that. It just makes me profoundly sad for Belle, because she doesn't deserve that. Any number of young girls could get stuck in the same situation, with the same general outcome. So that is just my little opinion on the state of the Maury-like issues in this country :P

I'm so glad that Lily and Alice reacted in that way, although let's be honest I don't think I could have seen them reacting in any other way because they are so kind and compassionate. And I'm glad that Belle kind of got her message out so that she can sleep easier at night and no one is hiding anything anymore. Except Alrek, but he's a non 12+ word so moving swiftly along...

As for the accent, I generally think that it was very well done, it flowed very well and I didn't have to think about it at all. I think it if it had been much heavier than that, I would have gotten a little distracted by it, but I think the way you have it done now is good. And can I just say that whenever I see a "z" in place of a "th" I don't think of HP or Fleur or anything, I think of the Baby Sitter's club books. I don't know if you ever read those, but Jessie took ballet in the books and she had a french ballet teacher that always put z's in front of the words so that's what I think of. Lame? Probably. But I embrace it :P

I thought this was a well done chapter with a lot of information that was organized in a well thought out fashion. Beautifully done! Although now I have to grieve at the fact that I am out of chapters to read and will continue to be out of chapters until the 29th of December. :( So you had better write Missy, 'cause I am in dire need of an update already and it's only been like 10 minutes!!! :P

Author's Response: If I actually thought you were going to be interested enough to keep reading I WOULDN'T have used you to ask about Belle's secret, hahaha. You sneaky validator woman! But YES ALREK IS NAUGHTY you were right. He's not a nice boy.. tsk tsk tsk.

Hahahah great minds think alike, right?? Especially in rat killing-ness :P

I so agree with you about how it could be anyone Belle's situation happens to. Hopefully not many parents are cruel enough to give an ultimatum the way Belle's did.. but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen :(.

Oh God. I didn't even know anyone else had heard of the Baby Sitter's club. I'm pretty sure there was another series by the same author that wrote older books, and my sister read those and I was jealous that I had to read the baby ones and then I opened my own baby sitters club and yeah. I'm stopping now. I'm so happy the accent worked. I swear, Belle is NEVER talking this much again. Girl needs a muzzle. :P

I'll write I'll write! YOU BETTER WRITE TOO. I'm so happy that we started reviewing for each other because because it just makes my heart all fluffy every time I see one of your reviews or a new chapter ♥

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