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Review:MargaretLane says:
OK, coming back sooner than I did before because I'm intrigued as to what Zabini is doing. Your chapter summary seems to imply Albus is in for a surprise.

*grins* In response to your response, I haven't read all the Next Gens in existence, obviously, but of those I have read, I don't think I've ever come across vampire attacks being the mystery nor do I think I've come across a situation where it was the sons and daughters of ex-Death Eaters who were being attacked. The only story that included anything at all similar is Gryffin_Duck's story about Albus's third year, which I think you've read. And the context there was very different.

Something in your last chapter made me grin a little, because of my own story, but I can't say any more without giving away something about my ending.

*cracks up* Albus is getting a little dramatic here. I wonder what Neville is thinking of it all. I'm actually laughing at the mental image of him dragging Neville up to the castle.

Love Neville here. I guess it makes sense that he'd have a good deal of insight about what it feels like trying to live up to a famous father and feeling you'll never be as good.

I like the way you deal with Albus and Scorpius's friendship. It makes sense that a lot of people would be reluctant to accept it.

*cracks up at Neville's explanation to Zabini*

This is a very nit-picky thing, but I'm wondering if the teachers would use each other's first names in front of students, particularly first years. I guess they might since both Albus and Scorpius's fathers were at school with them and would know their names anyway, but in my experience teachers tend to use official titles in front of students.

Aw, it makes perfect sense that Neville would carry the coin around with him, since it meant so much to him.

And I love Albus and Scorpius's messing.

Also like the way your characters are taking what Draco did at school seriously. I've read a couple of next gens where Ron is portrayed as being petty and just holding a grudge for disliking Draco and where he says things like "but he called Hermione a Mudblood and he played jokes on us", as if those were the worst things he did and his joining the Death Eaters and trying to kill Dumbledore, almost killing Ron in the attempt never even happened. I do have sympathy for Draco. He was dragged into something he probably didn't even fully understand, but at the same time, Harry, Ron and Hermione do have good reason to be angry at him and it's not like they are just being mean and holding a bit of teasing against him for years. So it's nice to see that acknowledged.

Aw, it's kind of sad that Rose is upset about being in Ravenclaw. I'm assuming it's just because she's not with her family. Or is there something more to it?

I think Albus is wrong to be interrupting Professor Smith like that. For one thing, it's not appropriate for a student to interrupt a teacher without so much as raising their hand and for another, just because the Dementors have been removed from Azkaban doesn't mean nobody will ever have to face them. If anything, it would make it more likely they would as who knows where they are now? Presumably he wouldn't be likely to be entering Azkaban.

Author's Response: Hello!

I'm glad that you've come back and its good to see such a long review! Like, seriously, this review is HUGE. I was like, "Wow, what to do with this monster?" hahaha.
I have not read many NG's myself so I know what you mean. The ones I've read arewhen most of the gang are alot older, around fifteen or sixteen so the tones were really different. More like teen dramas if you know what I'm getting at? They're addictive too, I love them to death! :D I think one or two are on my favorite's page.
That's what's funny about Albus though, he exaggerates ALOT and makes a big deal out of everything. But its something that I love about him, he's still a child and it comes off in moments like these.
I'm a HUGE fan of Neville but haven't gotten around to writing for him yet. But having him in the story was such a fangirl moment because I love him to death. He's just so awesome! :D
I think the bulk of this story deals with Albus and Scorpy's friendship. I wanted to play around with it and give it more depth, I mean, they're only boys and they are NOT their fathers.
I think I recall a few moments when the teachers said each other's names in front of the students. But that might have been when they were older but Zabini is so...unsettling and uncaring for rules that saying "Neville" instead of "Professor Longbottom" in front of Albus and Scorpy is his way of saying, "Who gives a crap?" hahahaa. He's a jerk like that.
As for the way Draco's past actions are regarded in this story, it was very important to me to put that out there. I didn't want people to just ignore it or hold petty grudges about it becuase someone really could have gotten hurt. And the fact that he betrayed Harry, Ron and Hermione AGAIN after they saved his butt in the Room or Requirement has to be taken into consideration. He may not have known how to handle what he'd been thrown into but still, he had his own free will when it came to that Battle. It was something that always, always aggravated me! That was the time to change and fight for the good side but he shamed himself by not steppin up. I might touch on that later on in this story too, sigh.
Anyhoo, just ignore Rose. She's a major brat for right now and it does have more to do with her family, she can't seem to be her own person right now. It gets better for her though, I promise.
Hahah, I don't think Albus was wrong for interrupting Smith completely. He was being rude and I didn't want Albus to come off as passive, so my apologies. Hahaha.
Hahha, and you're right about the Dementors too but shsh, don't tell anyone. Hahaha.
Thanks for coming back and I hope this was a decent response to this LARGE review! Hahaha.
Much love,

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