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Review:Santa In A Dress says:
Hello again! *runs off to turn Rita Skeeter into a piece of rubbish and places her at the bottom of a very, very smelly tip.* (Turning her into an animal would be an insult to whichever species of animal I turned her into.) ;)

Now that's done, onwards to the review! Poor Charlie; his grief about Fred's death is definitely more prominient in this chapter. It was interesting to see how the family coped in different ways- George's lack of desire to do anything, Molly's determination to return to normal- it was definitely a good thing to read and to see how they influence Charlie's own grief. I did wonder at first why Molly would want Charlie to stay at home when she's trying to get on with life as normal, but then I decided that it is entirely possible for Molly to want to keep her children nearby after losing Fred, and Romania would be too far away for her to cope with.

It was heartbreaking seeing Charlie fall apart upon his return to Romania, but at the same time it was excellent that you chose to portray this, instead of skimming over his grief. The way you built up his bad day so that eventually it turned into a good one and that being busy helped to start the healing process... that was just fantastic.

But... Rita Skeeter. Your portrayal of her was so excellent, it provoked the reaction displayed at the beginning of this review. Not because you wrote her badly, but in fact the opposite: you made her so true to canon that I hated her just as much as I hated her in GOF. XD

The only flaw that I could find in this chapter was the slight over-use of Charlie's name. It felt like I was reading it in every second sentence or so. I would recommend that you use other words or phrases such as "the redhead" (obviously not around the Weasleys; that would get confusing!) or "the dragon-keeper" (although perhaps not in Romania). Something that would describe Charlie, but not actually naming him, would be a good substitute for his name and avoid the repetition of the name Charlie. :)

I especially loved this chapter and Charlie's recovery and then his set-back. *piles more rubbish onto the tip where a certain evil journalist is languishing underneath* The ending was rather sweet; his concern for Molly causing him to send her a letter- albeit a short one- to reassure her that he was safe was adorable. ♥

I'm now disappointed that there's only one chapter left of this story to review... *cries*

Author's Response: Hi Santa! I just realized I forgot to say something in my response to your first review, so I'll say it now. I'm TERRIBLY sorry for the amount of time it's taken me to respond to this. I really don't have a good excuse except for selfishness... I don't get reviews very often and when I do, I like the idea of having reviews so much that I tend to put off the response process... because having reviews to respond to makes me feel important. :P Anyway, I'm very sorry and now... ON to your lovely review!!

Haha! *Joins you in the punishment of Rita Skeeter* You're absolutely right; Molly's reasons for keeping Charlie at home are simply that she wants her children as close to her as possible right now, and the thought of Charlie being so far away is terrible for her.

It sort of felt right for me to show Charlie falling apart once he got to Romania; he seems to me to be the kind of character who would hold in his grief for as long as he could while he was around family members (to keep up that whole 'macho' facade he's got going on). But once left alone, I'm sure he'd fall to pieces, much as he did here.

Teehee; I think I have a knack for writing characters I hate. I just hate them so much that they're easy to write for some reason. In fact, NO LIE, while I was writing Rita's part in this chapter, I remember sitting at my computer with my face all scrunched up and an angry expression, trying to channel her evilness. XD I'm glad to see it payed off!!

*Nods* Other people have also pointed out the overuse of Charlie's name, and I promise, as soon as I get the chance, that will be one of the first things I edit! Thank you so much for pointing that out, and for the suggestions!

Haha! This review made me smile! (For obvious reasons, but also because of the mentions of Rita Skeeter :P) Aww, don't cry! I'm working on Chapter 4 now and hope to have it ready to post as soon as the queue reopens! Thank you SO MUCH!

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