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Review:Jchrissy says:
There was so much in this chapter. Okay. I'm going to start at the end because I have to get this part out..

Dumbledore! He's bringing back Dumbledore! Okay. This is going to sound sort of creepy but that makes my heart do a tiny bit of warm fuzzies. Because even though he doesn't know what he's doing.. I kind of want to think he's getting Dumbledore on purpose because he wants to see him again :(. But I suppose if that was true he wouldn't be trying to kill half his family and friends.. but still. The thought was there and it made creepy zombie fuzzies.

AND SCORPIUS. Oh my gosh I may be in love. Now he's not only gorgeous, but he can work a shotgun. He's the cowboy version of Scorpius with his shotgun, now all he needs is a trusty horse.. or broom. Really though, I was about to be so sad because Hermione didn't deserve to lose her daughter to and then you made it seems so hopeless and I was so sure she was a goner, but then this and eeek! You tell me not to be tense and to do shoulder rolls then you pull this stuff on me! I felt my face getting closer and closer to the computer. Haha

And now I feel bad for being so annoyed at Ginny. I thought she'd just given up, like she didn't realize how much she still had to live for. But now that I'm seeing the different side to it, the recounting from a survivor.. I can't believe I didn't think of there being some sort of attack mechanism before! They have more on their side (the Zombies, that is) then just being brainless creatures of massacre.. they have abilities to capture their victim in a way that actually makes them not be able to run. And you gave me clues with the people who can't look away and and poor Ginny, sorry for being so mean to you Mrs. Potter in my head :(.

So what are they going to be able to create to stop these things?? They're going to have to use some sort of biological warfare. Spread a disease?? There's no way these things have immune systems to fight of viruses... yes! Go into the library and find that Hermione!!

And my jaw dropped right along with Neville's when she announced she was going to the library, although neither of us should be surprised.

I know I saw this last chapter, but you have no idea how amazing at intense scenes you are. I'm absolutely glued to my screen each time and if someone distracted me I'd probably scream at them. I think a lot of people struggle with finding a balance between intensity and descriptions. They want to add detail but they don't want to slow it down, but you really have found the perfect line to walk on with this. I know everything that's going on and it's playing in my head, but I'm not fighting through mounts of descriptions to get to them. Because like you, my eyes really have a hard time going slow during intense scenes. So if there was too much description, I would just skip a few sentences to find out what was happening. And I haven't done that once in this story!

I am just so excited to see how you're going to end this thing. I can't see any way for them to get it under control before everyone is pretty much out of luck.. and yay for Hermione and me on the same thought process! That's exactly what I said about going over the ocean because there's no way those things can get there! They need to send an owl to France or somewhere to get support!! MAN POWER. Gah. I want to be there telling everyone what to do so that they don't keep dying. Because clearly I think I'd make a good commander?

Author's Response: Ok I'm gonna respond to this really fast before I go read the next chapter of BTF!

I think part of me kind of thought that too, or else why would he go through the trouble of waking Dumbledore? I had such a fantastic time writing that scene, just great!

RAMBO SCORPIUS. He is my FAVORITE. When I wrote him I thought...he's a wizard, he wouldn't know how to use a shot gun, so I had to qualify it and give it a bit of history, but I just totally had this scene in my head where he just comes up and blows the brains out of some zombies, it was so fun!! I love him to bits and tiny pieces.

Yeah, I didn't want to say anything about your anger at Ginny because these zombies have a bewitching power of sorts with their eyes. It's something that will be explored. I am so glad you are reading through this now because it is reminding me of all the things I need to go back and address. I've got so many loose ends, and as they are looking for answers I'm like CRAP I FORGOT ABOUT THAT. So I'm making a list of things where I should be like...yep we should bring that up again. I'm so glad you are reading this!!

My biggest problem is, when I write, I write without a plan. I write where my characters take me. And sometimes they forget to remind me about stuff they said in the past. Like in the first chapter, I broke Hermione's ankle, and then never addressed it again! (I later went back and edited the second chapter I Think, to read that she fixed it, because I was like whoops)

I'm so sorry for the tension I am causing you, I promise it's not on purpose! And these next couple of chapters sort of calm down a bit, and they are more informational chapters and less high anxiety/intensity chapters. The Chapter I am writing now is the last of those, where lots of things will be revealed and answered and weird things happen :)

Ok, I'm shutting up now because I have a date with BTF! :D


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