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Review:Jchrissy says:
First of all, is it just me or is having a guy beta sort of awesome? Maybe because they are reading things from such a different perspective, I always feel like Dan offers insight that I'd never thought of before :P

NOW BACK TO THIS CHAPTER. Thank you for not killing Lily ♥ I may have gotten a bit teary. The things too little to die ♥

And I don't know what I think about Greyback right here. I hate him still, because of what he did to my poor Remus, but he also doesn't seem as entirely evil as he can. He almost seems like the old saying, he's more bark than bite. Like he really thinks everything he did was for a good reason, he really thinks whoever he bit deserved it, and maybe he is just saving himself at the end but it still saved Lily. Hmmm. Maybe I'll put my pitch fork away for just a bit.

THEY'RE DORMANT AT DAY. This is a very good piece of information! So, if the group needs to nap they can during the day otherwise DON'T GO BACK TO SLEEP YOU DUMMIES. And I'm so happy to hear that Neville's family is safe as well as a few other members of the Weasley clan. Well, Percy at least.

I really like the emotions you have with Hermione throughout this. I think anyone would believe it was absolutely there fault, and despite her trying to do something amazing for the people she loves, that kind of guilt should be lurking in the back of her mind or she wouldn't be the Hermione we know. You do a really awesome job with her, and I think she's easily one of the hardest characters. You've figured out how exactly she would react in this crisis and are staying so true to her canon characterizations.

I LOVE the new piece of information about the room and potions! At first I couldn't figure out the significant of the dates, then once we learned it was one of those OF COURSE moments. So not only are they dealing with creatures they have no idea how to destroy, but with the fact that dark magic is very much involved in their creation, they could make them even more dangerous rather than destroy them. And gahh. So many people are already dead, how are they supposed to find a way to get rid of these things before they get rid of the entire wizarding world?!


I'm extremely thrilled that you're already half through the next chapter, because I realized that I'm over half way through the story! And I am not a patient girl! NOT at all! PS. This totally gives me the creepy Walking Dead feels that the show gives me. I have to watch it through my fingers.

You always keep action scenes absolutely addicting. I think they can often get so monotonous, like A happens then B then C, but yours are always new and alive and gahhh.

The only thing I'm really waiting for that hasn't happened is a really big blow up from one of the kids. A how did this happen and why did you let it sort of thing. Only because it seems like they'd want to take some of their hurt out as anger.. but maybe I just think that because I'm a bully *ninja face*

Author's Response: Having a guy beta is absolutely fabulous and Scott does such a good job with this story, especially britishifying everything that I write because I am hopelessly American.

I think Greyback in this chapter is interesting, because he kinda has made a choice. Yes he's a werewolf, a vicious werewolf that is one of the biggest predators that roam the forests. But at the same time, there is also a threat to all humans, and he is dealing with that in addition to protecting himself. So it's an interesting thought- is he really saving them, or is he engaging in self preservation? Most likely a little of both. We might see him again later :)

Thank you so much about your comments about my Hermione! I really try to stick to canon as much as possible, and I fear in later chapters she was starting to get away from me, especially the one I am writing (thanks a lot, Nano) but I am trying to reign it back in.

Don't be so tense! You should do some upper trap stretches and roll your shoulders backward and forward a bit, loosen up! it's only a story! ;)

I'm glad you like the action scenes because I didn't want them to feel like they are all the same, and sometimes when I write action I DO feel like...didn't I just write this last chapter? does this read the same way as the last thing that happened? I try to switch it up again.

And you are in luck, because the next chapter you are about to read is my absolute favorite so far, so yaay! I best go review your story so you can read it!

I've been writing all day I swear! *girl scouts honor*


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