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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:
Technically I should be reading Break Out first, since I try to read in the order of what you posted first, but Sneth was calling to me today. I just really need my Sneth fix.

ONLY FOUR MORE CHAPTERS, AGHHH. I am already beginning to plan how I can talk you into posting Breaking Even earlier than you intend to.

Sirius walked past her with such deliberate steps as to make it painfully obvious he had seen her.

If I didn't know any better, I would swear I'd been transported back to the In The Black days. The beginning half of this chapter was exactly what I needed, especially since we're getting so close to the end and I know you're about to stab me in the soul with something jagged. It was so happy and so fluffy, the five of them all together playing Exploding Snap (or rather four of them, while the I-am-too-superior-for-this Remus snogs his book), with Sirius most likely cheating and Peter forever not as good at it as his mates, and James knowing the gender but not telling, and Sirius being the life of the party, and Beth wanting to suck up to Dumbledore by giving him information about their Animagus-ness.

Oh, James. How I would like to thunk him in the back of the head. I know people like him - "We know the gender, but we're not telling!" and "Oh, we know the name, but we're not telling!", and they absolutely tick me off. FINE THEN. IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO TELL ME THEN DON'T EXPECT ME TO BUY THE KID ANYTHING. Although I forget that in Britain baby showers are only just now becoming a thing, and they're still not that popular. Hmm. Beth should just sneak into the nursery and see what color clothes Lily's bought already. I'm nosy like that. Although I can't really talk because I had my brother convinced for seven months that I was going to be having a boy, by strategically placing a small pair of blue socks on a table where he would see them.

That's what you get, Sirius. YOU SHOULD FEEL ALL THAT GUILT AND MORE. I wonder if they really will tell Dumbledore about them being Animagi. I almost hope they don't, just because Dumbledore himself has so many secrets and yet he expects everyone around him to be honest. In this respect, he reminds me of Voldemort. He wants everyone's unconditional cooperation and trust, but trusts very little himself. I mean, there's no way he told James the real reason why he was interested in his Invisibility Cloak. Bagh. Dumbledore.

The second half of the chapter, of course, was a complete downer. Which I suspected you were going to do. As soon as I saw the little *, I knew it was all over. And yep, it was Severus standing there thinking things I do not want him to think, and he wouldn't listen to my entreaties to not do what I know he's thinking of doing. Your plots. They killeth me. You are so mean to your audience, giving us warm happy fluff with chivalry being dead and coffee and James and his weird sonogram, and then shoving us outside in the gas lamps with Severus and his headache and broodiness, making me feel miserable because he's GOING TO DO SOMETHING STUPID.

Okay, okay, it's not stupid. He's being selfless and lovely and heroic for once, and I really resent him for it. I don't care if they're in danger. I WANT THEM TO BE TOGETHER. DANGEROUS LOVE. Which is selfish of me and very unselfish of him. I'm so used to him being selfish in general that it's really, really inconvenient that he's going to put someone else first right when I most want him to indulge in selfishness. AND OMG IT'S SNOWING. YAYYY. But anyway, yes. Severus. Beth. Sirius. I just. Why can't James and Lily make Horcruxes so that they won't really die, and maybe Severus can just go kill Voldemort... I am grasping at straws. I will shut up now. JUST DON'T KILL ANYONE I LIKE, OKAY. PROMISE, OKAY. OKAY. YOU JUST PROMISED AND IT'S IN WRITING.


I can't believe it will be nearly January when I get to read this again. :(

You must provide me with lots of snippets to tie me over in the meantime. ♥

Author's Response: I will never fault you for reading Sneth. :3 I know what an endearing part of your life Severus and Beth have become, of course. FOUR MORE CHAPTERS. When did I write so much? Why am I so near the end? I don't like it. Make it stop.

The beginning of this chapter was such a nostalgic kick, and I think I largely wrote it because I missed "In The Black" and how innocent it seems, in retrospect. That's something I never expected, the dramatic change in tone between that book and this one. "In The Red" actually turned out quite a bit darker than I meant for it to, although it might have to do with the fact that for some reason my brain kept making me write chapters set at night. Or maybe I've switched the cause and effect up there -- who knows? I know how much you love Marauder banter, so that's just a bit of something I try and include for you, too. ♥ I've said it before, but I'll say it again -- basically, you wrote this story! Lulz forever at your reaction to James and Lily keeping the baby's gender a secret. :D I think he enjoys having something to hold over their heads, tbh.

SIRIUS SHOULD FEEL /ALL/ THE GUILT. There are so many instances in this plot when I'd just like to take him by the shoulders and give him a good shake. (I'm writing a bit of that sort of Sirius in the third book right now, actually.) I actually really like that comparison you made between Dumbledore and Voldemort, though. I can't ever back Dumbledore 100%, and I think I like him less than a lot of people out there. I just... he deceived so many people, for years and years. He lied to Harry, then gave him the silent treatment for a year (are we five years old, Dumbles?), and /still/ didn't trust him enough to explain about the Horcruxes in more detail, leaving Harry to basically stumble around blindly for the entirety of what would have been his seventh year at school. There are a lot of redeeming qualities about the man... but there are a lot I can't get behind, too.

The second half of this chapter is a marked difference from the first, this is true. :( Though I don't think anybody expects me NOT to write brooding Sev at this point, honestly, because he is a staple of the story now, brooding and thinking and brooding some more. Poor guy, though -- he's being all selfless and here you are, shooting daggers at him and screaming at him through the screen. ♥ You've got him very confused, I hope you know. He told me so in one of our frequent chats.

I can't remember the last time I went so long without posting Sneth. I suppose it was when I finished ITB, and took a break before posting ITR... but that was eight months ago. Holy. I suppose I could be enticed for snippets, though, if you asked nicely...

♥ Thank you so much for such support. I am such a broken record. I CANNOT TELL YOU ENOUGH.

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