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Review:Remus says:
Hey! Perelandra here! :D

First of all, thank you for your kind review! :) It made me happy to wake up to see it! And second! It was hard to choose from your list! In the end, I chose this one due to being a mystery one fic!

Anyway, on with the review!

So many of the Black Family members that I don't know! Haha, I seriously had to stop at the beginning just to see who these characters were to Sirius. And then I got into this question about James' relation to Sirius...were they second cousins? Uncle/nephew? Hahaha, so thanks for that! XD

I just could not believe that Bellatrix would just be like "Well, time for me to go, see ya!" However, part of me agrees with the way you wrote her. She is a very heartless woman and doesn't care much for the others around her. So I give you kudos when it comes to writing her personality. Some people do an overly-crazy Bella while others write her as a misunderstood human being...I think you managed to capture that balance between that mad one just right.

This sentence reads a bit weird Well, and his gaze lingers for a moment on Lucius, on Bart, almost all. The one right before it was great but that one ^ just felt a bit awkward. There were some instances where the punctuation needed a bit of tweaking, some comas were missing while in some instances you had too many of them.

I'm a detail oriented person, and I absolutely loved the detail you gave us. I could imagine the Black family sitting down in a very fancy home, all of them wearing expensive clothes before all of the sudden one of them dropped dead. I love being able to picture that in my head instead of imagining a black room with the characters just talking. Kinda boring that way. However, be're almost at the point where it was way too much detail. You want to find that balance between narrative and details.

Overall thought, this was a very, VERY interesting read. I like mysteries and I enjoy the Marauders era so you mixing both to make a story...that, is considered awesome in my books! So please, do let me know when it updates! I want to know who did it! :D

Until next time!

Author's Response: Hey there! :) No problem about the review - it was a great story, I really enjoyed reading it, so the review was much deserved!

Yeah, a bunch of them aren't really familiar faces because they're people's parents and things who aren't mentioned in the books and are dead, etc. so it's a bit difficult in that sense, I guess. I actually had to exclude a couple of characters because it would just become to complicated otherwise, haha. You're welcome for the question, lol!

Yeah, Bella is a very difficult character. I've always thought she went a lot more crazy after Azkaban - being in solitary confinement with Dementors definitely wouldn't have helped her sanity! So yeah, she's a bit more sane here, but definitely more heartless than most people. I'm so glad you liked her because she's one of my favourite characters so writing her right means a lot to me! :)

Ooh, right, thanks! A couple of people have mentioned there were some odd sentences, so thanks for pointing that one out (I miss them often)! I'll definitely go back and take a look at that - and the commas! - again! Thanks!

Thanks so much for that, as well! I'm a really description-oriented person and I tend to load it in, so I'm glad you liked it! I'll definitely keep an eye on how much I'm putting in in the future - it's something I'm trying to work on! :)

Thank you so so much for the really great review - it was so helpful and lovely! Thanks for the swap as well!

Aph xx

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