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Review:UnluckyStar57 says:
Hi! I was surprised that you requested again so quickly for another of my reviews! Of course, it'll probably be just as gushy as the last two were. :)

Well, to start off, I actually have a borderline-halfway-constructive thing to say. It's just a really nitpicky thing about words.
The thing is, when Tonks was talking to Molly in the kitchen, in her head she said that Sirius "got [her] sense of humor." Originally, I was thinking that would be a by backwards, because Sirius was born before Tonks and so if anyone inherited a sense of humor, it would be her (so, I saw it in a hereditary sort of way). But now that I'm ruining about it a little more, you might've meant that he "got" her sense of humor, as in, he "understood" it. Either way, I think it might be a little more clear if you could say "We had/have the same sense of humor" (the verb choice is there because I couldn't decide which would be better). But that's just my own personal thing, and if I'm just way out in left field and not even close to what you were thinking, then just ignore all that. :)

Tonk's transformation was quite odd for me to read, not gonna lie. But after reading your author's note, I can definitely appreciate it a bit more. Her thoughts had all the right details to tell us what was happening, and it wasn't really so very out of the blue. It was a very creative twist on how she persuaded Remus to give them a try.

One question I have is this: In your head, do you think that Snape would still be giving the Wolfsbane Potion to Remus? Or is he just a butt trumpet and refuses to make it? When I read about the way Remus the werewolf was acting, I thought about the potion and I just wondered if he would be taking it in your version of that period of time.

Tonks' thoughts are definitely believable. It's really cool to get inside a character's head that you don't really know vey well, and to take a look around. She seems to display all of the traits that J.K. Rowling wrote her to have, which is a good thing. The fact that you delved deeper is even better. As for her relationship with Charlie, I don't know if that was just something you wanted to happen or if it actually is canon. Either way, I rather could see them together, that is, until she grew up and set her sights on older men. :)
I also never pictured her being so... Suggestive, but it really does fit who she is.

I really liked the notion of "where the man ends and the wolf begins." With that, you kind of added a whole ew layer to what was already a pretty complex fic. It was an excellent read, and I hope I didn't question things too annoyingly.


Author's Response: Hi, there! Terribly sorry to take so long to respond. This holiday review swap has been all-consuming, but in a good way! ;)

I agree with you on that line about Sirius getting her sense of humor. I struggled with that, hated the way it was phrased, then sort of forgot about it while I was doing the final editing. It needs to be changed.

I felt ambivalent about letting Tonks change into a werewolf, but frankly the story doesn't work without it, so I chose to believe what was necessary.

In my head, I believe that Remus and Snape had a serious falling-out after Snape outed him as a werewolf. Angry words were doubtless exchanged, possibly hexes, and I'm sure that Sirius didn't make things any better. Then when Sirius was killed, I'm sure Snape didn't shed any tears over it. So if Remus hasn't found another source of wolfsbane potion, I'm just guessing that he goes without.

I really, really enjoyed writing Tonks from the first person. She's so funny and self-deprecating, but also very vulnerable in a way. Her relationship with Charlie was not canon, but I've read so many lovely fics that pair the two of them during their school days that it's become part of my reality. I can't imagine it any other way.

All of the ideas about man and wolf coexisting inside the same body I have to credit to Remus. Her story was the inspiration for this one, and this one is dedicated to her as part of the challenge.

I didn't find your questions annoying at all! If I can't explain my thoughts to an educated but skeptical reader, they probably weren't very clear in the first place. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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