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Review:momotwins says:
I was a little nervous to click on this cause I was sure you were going to make me cry and then I'd be off my stride to keep reviewing :p

You write really beautifully. It's simple and expressive and reads very smoothly.

I love that you used all the siblings for this perspective instead of only George. It's much more common to only see Fred's death through George's eyes, so it was refreshing to see the other Weasley brothers instead/as well. I really enjoyed Bill's scene. I also think having Bill and his fellow Curse-Breakers helping to clear up Hogwarts after the battle is a stroke of genius. It makes so much sense! In fact, it's so extremely logical that I can't believe I've never seen it before, you know? You are super creative and awesome for that.

Charlie is the most elusive of the Weasleys, since his only appearance in canon is so very brief, but you seem to have a good characterization for him from what we know. Thinking of Fred never getting to see his brother work with dragons made me very sad. And poor Perce and his guilt. Ack sad. Stop it, I have makeup on today and I refuse to cry. I'm glad you didn't make Percy cuss, I think it would have been out of character for him. You did well with him, he's very sympathetic.

And because I love that you used all the siblings, I'm also glad that you didn't dwell on George. He gets about the same amount of space as the others, and I really like that (even though I like to dwell on George's perspective myself). What's the significance of July 7th? I feel like I should know it but I'm drawing a blank. And here goes my dwelling on George: his wanting to just lay next to his brother, that is so true emotionally to me. You know I have twin boys, and they are always all over each other - they sit on the couch all tangled up, sleep all cuddled up (even when we put them in separate bunks at bedtime, they climb into each other's bed), they really have no personal boundaries that way, it's much different than just siblings. Twins are a whole different ball game, really.

I adored Ron. And the brief hint of George/Angelina from him was sweet. But Ron was excellent, and that Hermione was with him and talked to Fred too. Love. Do you write Romiones? I need to read some Romione from you now. I'm just saying.

And finally, I like that Ginny's appearance was a bit different from her brothers'. Being the only Weasley girl, she's going to interact differently with her brother than the brothers do amongst themselves. Makes lots of sense (ah logic, how I love it). Now, I'm not so sure Ginny would really be mad at Harry as he did save all of them from Voldy in addition to personally saving both her and her dad from imminent death, but I get where you're coming from with that particular emotion and you carried it off perfectly. It was very believable. Also Harry was perfect. And Molly and Arthur are love.

I did see some typos. A few of them:
imaging they were drinking their tea together = should be imagining
Rose's forth was two months ago = should be fourth

Lovely story, really well done. Very sweet, adored the details on the grandkids, it's just perfect. I managed not to cry, since you ended on such a lovely hopeful note. Really beautiful!

Author's Response: Hi WTM! Thank you so much for your compliments about my writing. I flew straight to cloud 9 with that ♥

I love that between the Wesley bunch, there's someone who can do just about anything. Oh curses around Hogwarts? Call Bill the cruse breaker! A dangerous creature?? Well my brother Charlie works with dragons, he can take care of it. They're just so diverse.

Charlie has earned the role if wizarding world cowboy in my head. He's rough around the edges, and would choose his animals over a girl any day. I'm half in love with him :P

Hahah I wish I could tell you something cool for July seventh. But really in my head, Molly came up with it because it was the 7th month on the 7th day, and opening shop back up is like honoring the brother they no longer have to complete the 7 children. Yeah.. No awesome canon secrets.. Haha

Two of the boys I work with are twin 5 yr olds. These little guys are so awesome together. But I've never been with them in just the comfort of their own space, really. So knowing I got the feeling right of these two just being so close and George wanting to be by his brother means so much to me. And I can't even imagine how hard Fred's death hit you with your own little F and G's :(.

Haha I absolutely don't write Romiones. Not because I don't love them, I really do. But the Weasley family terrifies me. Maybe one day.. Have you read anything by Athene Goodstength? That's who this piece was written for, and that girl will fill you with Weasley feels like no one's business.

I'm so happy you liked this, and your review was such a pleasant treat. I feel like one of those teenage girls at a concert, then the yummy man signing (preferably Blake Shelton) touches her hand and she goes into fan girl crazy feels. So, basically right now you're my Blake Shelton :P

Ps! I did this all from my iPhone. If there are any weird typos, blame auto correct!


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