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Review:momotwins says:
So, I have always enjoyed your style of writing. You do description so succinctly and often a bit pithily, and I like that. Overly wrought description tend to make me skip the paragraph. I adored the "like a statue that has made a mistake" line. And "Azkaban or not, there is no escaping hell." DAYUMN. That's fantastic.

I liked Astoria as his therapist. I feel like that really works. And the way you've made her someone he wouldn't normally be interested in. I expect being somewhat unremarkable helps her to be soothing, part of her job, you know? And again with the nailing it in a single sentence. I would throw things at you for being super talented but I'll just blow a raspberry and tell you you're awesome. And you suck. Because you're good at everything. Pbbbt. Anyway really beautiful stuff: "There are words to say, but he does not know what they are or who they are for."

Anyway, I like how he needles her at first, that's very Draco, and her responses make me wonder if she was a Slytherin like her sister. I think she was.

"How potent are the nightmares that were once reality."

Have you ever seen that Adam Sandler movie 50 First Dates? And his friend tells his kids, "You kids suck, you're good at everything." I'm just saying.

I would quote every line back at you as being beautifully written, but then this review would be all quotes and while that's fun, it's not as good a review as could be, maybe. Your style is amazing, and it fits this piece so seamlessly, with the subject and characters and emotion, and everything just flows just so. Ack. So perfect. Stop being so flawless. I've been on tumblr too long now not to want to call you my bb and snuggle you while saying things like WHY IS THAT YOUR FACE, SIR when people are perfect.

Okay actual review, I can do this. I think the only way Draco could have a successful marriage, which even though I think he's a big fat jerk, I still hope he manages to have, is by his wife knowing everything about him. I'm sure he'd rather keep things hidden and have her believe him perfect and such, but that's not reality and I think this scenario for him unloading the insides of his mind to his therapist really works for a setup for the two of them. You kept him very in character, with his simmering resentment and injured sense of self-importance, and the bit of reverence that he still has about his father. And I love that she's a Legilimens, I think it's going to work very well for both unearthing some of his deep-set Voldyfears while at the same time helping him to get over his nightmares and psychoses from the war. A bit of PTSD for Draco there maybe.

Fabulous job. Everything is perfect. I'm trying not to hate you for being flawless. *snuggles you* You're awesome.

Author's Response: Reading this whole review was just about the best thing ever 8D

Woop, women of brevity! I've got this tic about efficiency in absolutely everything. I go about life always having thoughts like, 'if I cut across this grass, will i get there faster?' and I'm weighing the cost and benefits of risking muddy shoes while my legs are still walking and I have to make a decision in .2 seconds. Apparently that extends to writing.

I ALSO ENJOY YOUR DAYUM. This might sound weird but I can actually hear your validator-vetern sassiness behind that dayum :'D

I like the idea of Draco being unimpressed with Astoria upon first meeting(s), because he wouldn't feel like Draco otherwise to me. Even when he's grateful, it's grudging and mostly annoyed. There's sentiment somewhere in that ferret brain, but it ain't gonna come easy.

I have not watched that movie, but I have wiki'd it :'D Hee, you are too kind, omg I could never be compared to a high-res pic of RDJ or Misha Collins.

Definitely; there are key components to marriage, and I have always personally /wanted/ Draco to have a relatively happy one, because I love redeemed characters. But even without all the war trauma, if your spouse could always look into your brain at any point of their choosing, well, that can't tide over well all the time! So I can't wait to explore the whole lot of that!

♥ :33 eee YOU'RE awesome

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