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Review:TenthWeasley says:
KNEW IT. Well, I confess -- I did see the slash warning that this story carried, and began having suspicions early on. And now I'm replaying all these little bits of story in my head, and everything makes so much more sense now, and I am very, very impressed that you were able to write such suspenseful confusion! I am sitting here in my bed now just processing this story. And I think I'll miss it, you know, though I've just finished it. I really enjoyed this!

Eleanor, from the very start, was likeable -- and I think the thing that made her that way was because to a degree, she didn't like herself. And it's so much easier to see yourself in someone so imperfect, because as human beings we are essentially created to be imperfect. She doubts herself, she doesn't have a great outlook on her personal appearance, and everyone has days like that. I'm so, so glad you wrote her. So many people avoid writing Mary Sue-esque characters (as people seem to think Mary Sue is symbolic with the bubonic plague, apparently), but yours is the first character I've seen go one step further and not just become not-Mary-Sue, but real. She doesn't get the guy; how often is that story played out upon the real world?

But in a way, she needed Sirius, even if he didn't fall in love with her in the end. Sirius showed her things about herself she didn't think were possible. I loved all your Marauders in this! It's easy to fall into traps when writing them, but you avoided them all: Your James actually sounds like someone who could be Harry's dad, and your Remus is so in canon with how we see him later. Sirius isn't a playboy and I cannot thank you enough for that! And I think the one I liked most of all was Peter, because you did something so, so many people fail to do: You made him human. Knowing how he betrays Lily and James, and knowing his sniveling sort of personality from his older canon self, it's so easy to write him in a poor, pathetic light it's almost sickening. And that's something I know pretty darn well, if I may say so myself. So I loved what you did with him here. And even knowing what he becomes, I hope he and Eleanor work something out between the pair of them. (Cruel, Susan, to hint at it and end the story so quickly!)

I seriously enjoyed this story so much. It caught my eye because of the title -- I'm a massive Beatles fan -- but I stayed because the story was just great. In six chapters, you've hooked me in as some people couldn't do in sixty. This is why I am such a huge fan of your stories: They're so different, so versatile, but always so, so good.

Brilliant job, and thank you for writing this -- I'm so glad I read it! And I'm sure I'll be back before too long, reading another of your stories, because it's hard to stay away! ♥

Author's Response: The slash warning does rather give it away, though the gossip in one of the middle chapters could be enough to account for it. Haha, it's one of those stories that forces readers to go back and seek out the clues - it's something I've done in later stories too, and it's always fun to see how readers react to these kind of plots. It's one of the reasons why I prefer to start writing a story only once I know how it's going to end - I need that definite knowledge of where I'm going so that I can scatter clues and properly foreshadow on my way there. And somehow, it works. :D

Eleanor is likely the best OC I've ever written because she is very normal, more like some reader caught up in a story than an actual character who belongs in the story. :P It was easier than I expected to write her, and now that I think of it, I miss writing someone like her because she's just so honest and transparent, forever that wallflower type who haunts stories, but rarely takes the spotlight, except to transform into some butterfly. But Eleanor doesn't do that, which is what I like about her - she's still Eleanor at the end. She's less naive and probably a better person, but she hasn't changed who she is, not for Sirius or for anyone else. I'm really glad that you like her - it means a lot that you found her likeable and realistic. That's just the kind of feeling I wanted readers to have about her. ^_^

This story was meant to go against all the popular cliches of Marauder fanfiction. By the time I'd written this, I'd had enough of all the silly Sirius/OC cliches as well as the more general romantic comedy cliches. Not only are those cliches unrealistic, but they're also unsatisfying after a while. What I like doing with Marauder-era stories is making the characters as human as possible. So while Sirius does have this rebellious attitude and is fairly worldly, he's not a total playboy - that's something that his fangirls have given him (both those within the story and those who write the stories :P). The same goes for the portrayals of all Marauder-era characters, and it's happening now to the Next-Gens as well (which is why I wrote "Winner Takes All"). It's wonderful to hear that I was successful in this project - the characters are important to me, more so than the plot, and making them into fully-formed (or nearly so) people is my goal with every story I write.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this story! I'm very happy that you enjoyed reading it. :D

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