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Review:Slide says:
I... see your logic, James, in getting a woman's attention. Now excuse me while I hide in this nuclear bunker. Though now I want to see more of Louis. He sounds like fun! And that headline does NOT. Criminal charges, James! Bad idea! Daddy will be displeased. Which is good because I want to see me more of them daddy issues. Less good for James, obviously.

Oh, no, don't get angry. Because while Brigid might be being harsh, she is technically right. Relationships are a two-way thing but James had a responsibility to Carla the moment he got her involved in the wizarding world - and not just a responsibility to her, a responsibility to WIZARDING SOCIETY. I mean, that sucks big-time for a small-time fling of a relationship, but it is reality, and just because she walked out 'more' doesn't mean that he can just swan off. You silly boy, James, though I do love you.

Okay, now you're being harsh to Brigid, for whom I can only feel sorry. Though, ooh, new issues. Delicious issues. Aaand... even if James has a point, he loses this one for me for being way too harsh. Of course, this is all still delicious because I'm kind of nuts like that. Brigid is totally right to walk out on him while he's like this; even if it's a two-way street (ha!) between them, he won't acknowledge it or change it in this state.

And now your Mum is aaangry...! You have made Kreacher, tending to Lily, adorable. I don't know if that's something wrong with you or something wrong with me but the idea is still ADORABLE. Just hope that Kreacher doesn't tell Harry, okay, James? I imagine he would frown upon this.

Ooh, Albus! We haven't seen much of Rails Albus. *settles down with more coffee* Drinking during the day, James? Tsk. Bad habit. Especially if it's WHISKY. Oh, Albus. Someone DOES need to knock some sense into James but I get the impression you, very much your father's son, the responsible one, is not going to be the one who'll be able to do it right now. James is going to be too busy with peripheral resentment to throw at you. And... yep, James says pretty much what I expected! Always satisfying. Even if it's unhealthy.

Ooh. 'Repugnant'. Spent time with your aunt, Albus? It's a good word. Well, it's a horrid word to make James feel horrid and so I suppose it's fit for purpose! I would like to see more of Albus. The insights so far are interesting and I'm sure he's got his own issues being his father's son (and the crack about never getting girls screams for more information). Good stuff!

Author's Response: Louis is, indeed, bags of fun! He was clearly always planned this way, haha.

Daddy issues are imminent! Along with criminal charge chat. All bad for James, but it's worth a little sacrifice on his part to give us some good entertainment, eh?

James is perpetually angry these days, of COURSE he's going to argue his case here. He does indeed have a huge responsibility, which is the exact reason why Brigid said it would be a bad idea in the first place. Her fear wasn't misplaced! New issues. My FAVOURITE issue of the story, if I do say so myself. Very excited for THAT one to unfold. TWO-WAY STREET, it always comes down to it being a two-way street! Brigid is right but insensitive; James is right in some ways, wrong in others, and VERY badly wounded emotionally. It's not a good recipe for a healthy discussion.

Yes, the Kreacher thing. I had a feeling you would have a thought on this! House elves in Railsverse have not made the gains which they have in Ignite, sadly. However there are still Good House Elf Owners and Bad House Elf Owners, and while Harry falls into the first category, James' use of Kreacher here falls more into the second. This issue gets more of an airing in a couple of chapters' time and there WILL be more focus on house elves in general as we go on, which will hopefully please you. :)

I also had a feeling you'd like some more Albus! Not that James is nice to him AT ALL. And he lives with Rose, hardly a surprise he's throwing words like "repugnant" around ;) He, too, will have more screen time; he definitely does have his own issues, the poor thing! Although they're clearly nowhere near as bad as James' and he actually DEALS with any insecurities which he may have. The girl comment is just a VERY low blow from James, who has girls fawning over him all the time and likes it very much thank you, to his nerdy younger brother who clearly doesn't get any attention from females because he never has drunken pulls like his big bro. The ultimate barometer on success with women! Thanks for reviewing :)

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