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Review:Beeezie says:
My life has been really, really crazy, but the holiday swap has given me the chance to come back to Joker! (As if I wouldn't anyway.) There are a lot of great authors with swap threads, but Joker is my first initiated swap, because, well, it's Brienne.

I miss the days when I still had five or six chapters of Joker left to read. Oh well. I will have to start rereading it, I guess. (Such a good story.)

I feel like a broken record saying this, but I adore your characterisation.

The paragraph about Brienne liking the fifth year girls' bathroom was absolutely perfect. That's something that a lot of people don't understand, I think - looking good often really is about looking good for yourself, and you don't give two figs what the rest of the world thinks. That's especially true when you're sick (or, at least, it is for me), and the way you linked the two and articulated the sentiment was just perfect.

I also continue to love the way you insert different canon Gryffindors into this and extrapolate about their relationships with each other. I'd never really thought Angelina's relationships with the other Weasleys, but this was perfect: Percy as "deathly dull" and Ron as a "bit annoying" made so much sense in the context of what we know about Angelina and how you've developed her character throughout the story.

Along the same lines, I continue to appreciate the way that you're keeping Brienne removed from a lot of the canon characters outside her year, especially the trio. The mention that she hasn't ever really spoken to Ron, the fact that she still clearly doesn't really know Harry - it works, and it helps keep this feeling realistic.

I'm not entirely sure that she wouldn't even know Hermione's name halfway through the year, since Hermione is pretty well known, especially in the Weasley circle, but you didn't overstate it, and I could certainly believe that in the middle of the night Brienne wouldn't immediately place her, because she's just not that important in Brienne's life. Ditto Malfoy - what does Brienne care about a random Slytherin kid two years below her? That's all especially true since she's only been there for half a year.

You handled the Sirius Black scene perfectly. The twins had an appropriate reaction without veering into being too serious, and the idea that Sirius Black attempting to kill Ron in Gryffindor Tower (well, as far as they know) would have an impact on Brienne, whose mother has been murdered and who has just learned that someone may be trying to kill her makes perfect sense.

I think my favorite line was, "She isn't crying, she's hyperventilating." I'm not sure why that came across as so funny to me, but it definitely did.

I do think that you may have missed a paragraph, though - toward the end, Brienne goes from feeling like she's intruding to falling into an armchair, and I had the impression that they were sitting already. Other than that, though, amazing amazing job.

Sorry this review is rather short and unconstructive. I would be more constructive, it's just that I have nothing bad to say. :P

Author's Response: Hi! xD Aww, I love it so much when people say how much they love Brienne. I'm so proud of her so when you say that it makes me smiles xD

If I could update this story every day I would, but then it would be over, and I'm not sure I want to give this up yet. It's a good thing I'm writing this until the end of Deathly Hallows! We've got a few years to go.

I didn't want to make it sound like she knows the trio, as I think any kind of acquaintanceship between them would probably be unrealistic. I think it's likely she'd know Ron a little, but not really Harry or Hermione.

I'm glad you think her reactions made sense :) I didn't want her to be like "Ah! My aching heart!" you know, too melodramatic. I'm glad it was balanced.

I think I'll try to get the mental leap from feeling intrusive to feeling overwhelmed with her feelings and collapsing into a chair more clear :) It does seem a bit abrupt, reading it back again :)

Thank you for your lovely review :)

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