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Review:water_lily43175 says:
Okay, so this is basically Jen's chance to get all of her post-war woes out into the open. She's coming to terms with Tanith's actions and Gabe's lie of omission. This is good, and very healthy. And very Jen. I was worried that we were going to have a big Tanith/Jen showdown, but it seems that this isn't going to be the case now. Although we still await their next meeting obviously, and I'm now scared that it's going to be when Tanith is forced to arrest Jen or something. I'm not certain that that little issue has been put to bed yet!

And, of course, the Nick stuff. Of COURSE she feels guilty about getting with Gabe, but she can hardly confide in HIM about that, can she? Indeed, her and Nick weren't suited at all, and the mere fact that during the war she could let her guard down to Gabe and didn't feel pressured to stay strong and not show any kind of weakness just goes to show that they were made for each other. AND ALL ON ACCIDENT.

"Only following orders". Mmm, it all comes back to that, in the end.

Oho. OHO. "You think you know someone..." Bad reaction to Tanith's role at Gullsmere. Tom's guilty. HE IS.

Enter Melissa! Happy happy. She won't be lonely if she HOOKS UP WITH WILL. Or Dimitri. She could have a toy boy. Now THAT'S an idea.

Right, this Tanith summons MUST be related to Toby asking his permission to marry her (or not, as the case may be...) but that's where I get confused because I don't see why Daedalus would object; he's not anti-Muggle at all! Hmm. Fear in his eyes? What, like he's SCARED of Toby? Scared of what he's going to do with his staff if Daedalus says no? (Incidentally so much amusement at Toby carrying his staff because IT LOOKS BETTER.) Reading on.

Oh Daedalus. You've disappointed me.

Oh. OH. I take that back. It's not quite as clear-cut as "I don't want you marrying into a Muggle family", he has a REASON for it. And whether or not it's the RIGHT reason, it's hard to criticise him for it. Because he's seen a lot over the years, his role in the first war has been revealed to everyone, it's totally understandable that he'd worry about his family becoming targets ANYWAY, even without marrying half-bloods left, right and centre. And this explains the fear in his eyes. Fear for his daughter's safety. Oh, DAEDALUS. He's just a loving, paranoid man. And he's endeared himself to me SO MUCH here.

And now he's giving him the HOUSE. Amazing. I love the Pureblood pride shining through here, the total refusal to let the Sprague family absorb the Cole estate, that would be simply preposterous.

And of course he's still a little bit upset about his daughter marrying a half-blood. But he's still going to let it happen, and he's going to support Tanith and be happy for her and invite Toby round for dinner, and this makes ME happy. FANTASTIC characterisation, GOOD CHAPTER BRO.

Author's Response: Yes, this is where we go: Jen's mind, explore! And Tobias is one person she'll tell, because she can't confide in Gabe about these things. There will still be A conversation between Tanith and Jen, but it won't involve punching in the face. Not for those reasons, at least.

My accidents are awesome, apparently. But yes, Jen was pretty in love with Gabriel even while Nick was still alive, which chewed her up inside something rotten and has been worrying away there since Nick died. And that's why she's still that little bit messed up by it all.

I love your Tom theory. I really do. But then I cannot judge about crackpot theories, I am the MASTER of these!

Daedalus is, in fact, throwing a hissyfit and summoning Tanith and making her panic. Because... sometimes Daedalus Cole is crazy in the face. I am glad that his paranoia and fear are understandable; he is a little judgmental but not THAT judgmental, he's mostly just scared Tanith's going to make her life worse. It would be safer if she married a nice Pureblood instead of a high-profile halfblood. But he gets over it. He's not thrilled, but he's made his case, calmed down a bit, and will try to soldier on.

And people wonder sometimes why Tanith is so messed up when this man is her father! XD

Thanks for reviewing!

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