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Review:water_lily43175 says:
Yay Methy chapter image!

Hmm, Rose is being nice to Scorpius today. Her talk with Albus has helped. I mean, siding with Scorp over Artemis? CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Artemis is in danger of stealing the show right now, I utterly love her.

Scorpius has some good ideas! Yay for him. Oh, don't snap at Rose like that when she's being NICE. He really doesn't know what's good for him sometimes. Easy to understand why he's confused though, it's a big change from her.

...oh yeah. Rose has a boyfriend. That's depressing.

Aha, Scorpius' "my detention saved our lives" comment arrives on the scene, happy days!

"I wasn't much older than you when-" WHAT? When WHAT happened? Is this just a reference to Voldypants, or is this a hint at something MORE? Ugh so intrigued at what's going on with Nat right now.

Oh, Nat DOES see Scorpius' worth. This makes me very happy, that he's valued and that people see what his strengths are. "Nobody knows what's going on with Jones." WORD. But yes, big thumbs up for Nat's little chat here.

Oh, Selena and Methuselah together are so cute. I've changed my mind, I like Selena/Methy. I really like her, too. More Selena please!

Oh, Selena and Rose get on SO WELL.

Oh. OH. MIRANDA STUFF. He cheated, except he didn't cheat, SHE cheated, SELENA KNOWS, oho, the world makes sense. Rose feels bad. REAL bad.

And she's doing a LOT of learning about herself right now, isn't she?

I love excited!Scorp. Oh, he's so funny. "I had TWO HOURS' SLEEP on a book! Drink your tea!" And the door. The DOOR. He's hilarious. Deranged indeed! He needs to chat with Stubbs' door, that would be the best conversation EVER.

Whoa, Thane is found. Exciting development!

Author's Response: Rose is seeing a little bit of sense here. Albus has helped bring her down to earth. And Artemis is a terror of a cat, though I can't deny I sorely love writing that creature. Every scene she's in she becomes a little terror.

And Scorpius is expecting Rose to have something up her sleeve, some agenda, so forth. Else why would she be nice to him? That, and Scorpius still has his own issues of doubt and gloom and is remembering Hector exists. Which is enough to put a dampener on anyone's day, really!

Lockett is specifically referring to the war, in this instance. But bear in mind she spent 9 months in Azkaban in the war. It's tough, writing this as a stand-alone piece while those who have read the Anguisverse have a certain insight into Nat, but it's a 25-year gap, and there's plenty more to come. We get a LOT of Professor Lockett and how and why she is the way she is. Also, here's that flash of that Nat we all used to know: The one who was good with people, the one who understood the value of a laugh. The one who sees all of that in Scorpius and knows why it's useful, even if she doesn't/can't do that herself any more.

Selena's stealing the show in this chapter, I was happy with how it came out, even if I have such a ball writing Methuselah. And it was about time Selena and Rose had a conversation, I am a fan of good, strong female relationships and yet I write them so dang rarely! Selena knows lots. More than she's letting on. But she's still loyal to Miranda, she's not going to sell out her best friend - and she'll take a crack at Rose while she still can. Why not?

Sleep-deprived, excited Scorpius is, in fact, a bit deranged. Thanks for reviewing!

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