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Review:water_lily43175 says:
Ah. Tanith and Katie visiting Gabe. Chasing up Jen's alibi. Which ... she doesn't have. Eek.

I love Tanith/Katie interactions. I love how nothing fazes Gabe. I love how he claims he Sees everything. Basically so far I love this chapter already. BUT we've not gotten down to business yet and I'm a bit nervous about what's to come.

And he's lied. Tanith's made him lie. Jen lied in the first place. Oh god if this comes out it could go badly, you have me very worried right now.

"'I like having you around,' said Gabriel abruptly." AW.

It's good that Gabe doesn't feel guilty about leaving his father. It's the right thing to do at the end of the day. WELL DONE GABRIEL.

Cal's asking Gabe for advice now? Oh, this kid needs to stop looking for someone to justify what he's doing. Because that's what he's doing, isn't it? If he didn't want to see Thanatos, he wouldn't be bothering to even think about it. But he's talked to Tanith and Toby and Will about it, and none of THEM think it's a good idea... and yet he's still thinking it over. He's not asking them to help make his mind up; his mind is near enough already made up and he just wants someone to agree with him.

...And Gabe's just said exactly the same thing, aha. Great minds and all that. And I know I shouldn't, but I found this exchange funny. Gabe getting angry that Cal's not asked why he's quit his job - to which my thought is "well he's got a point" ... then Cal says that Gabe would tell him if he wanted him to know - which I also agree with ... and then Gabe isn't going to talk about it anyway. SO TYPICAL of them.

Cal's going to go see Nat, isn't he? He'd better do, because I've missed her. She'll bang his head against a wall and make him see sense. JOB DONE.

Gabe apologised. Bless him.

Jen wouldn't have killed Jacob. That's that sorted. She'd have known that he was one of the good guys, she wouldn't have gone for him. I'm fairly certain on that. She has motive for the Mulready death, yes, but there's no reason that she would have gone for Phelps either, and she definitely wouldn't have targeted Jacob of all people. NOT HER.

Love the Tanith/Katie banter. They'd make a cute couple. Except, you know, T/T.

They're out of milk. I love the reference to Mulready's death, haha. IT WAS THE NEIGHBOUR.

Whoa WHAT? Cliffhanger? You can't do that! Has Toby been to see Daedalus? Oh god has he summoned Tanith home about that? Or has he found out about Gullsmere? Or has something else happened? I AM THINKING OF SO MANY POSSIBLE THINGS RIGHT NOW I HATE YOU FOR DOING THIS NEXT CHAPTER NOW PLEASE. Look, I said please. I'm being POLITE. You have to indulge my curiosity now.

Author's Response: Tanith/Katie are my runaway favourite 'couple' of BTP. I found myself stressing so hard over a new long-term partner for Tanith (I considered it being Ron but couldn't break up the Dream Team, plus it felt a little bit too much like messing with canon) but when I started, Katie was a runaway star. And I had to get my slashy undertones in there somewhere, even if, as you say, T/T.

And yes. They've lied. They've ALL lied, and that's what covering for friends winds up being. Jen has no alibi and they're all so certain it can't be her, so why waste time chasing up this thread when it will lead nowhere? Any other day and Tanith would have chased this one, but guilt's a powerful thing.

Gabriel Doyle: Sometimes quite emotionally smart, actually. Including on the topic of Cal who, well, you've pretty much assessed properly. He wants to stick around with Thanatos, everyone's told him not to, so he's trying to find the excuse. Or, really, the explanation. He doesn't disagree with anyone who's told him it's a bad idea, but he still WANTS, somewhere, to see Thanatos more, and is looking for someone to justify it and explain it for him.

Except Gabe isn't feeling happy about being used like this, and now they're being Boys and being in a stink over this issue. At least they're more capable these days of getting over it because by now they know when they're being illogical.

It is very true that, had Jen killed Jacob, that would be contrary to what we currently know about her as a character. Based on all information we have to hand, it is logical to assume there is some other explanation. But we are not at the end yet.

Aaand cliffhanger, go!

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