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Review:Jchrissy says:
Monsterrr how should I feeel.

Sorry, I really canít help it :P

That banner is absolutely gorgeous. The artist captured everything about this story. Itís perfect!

Itís odd to see someone underestimate Greyback so much, but it makes absolute sense. Why would Albus ever think they are in any actual danger? Like he pointed out, the situation isnít in Greybacks favor. Even if he wanted to hurt him, how would he have the means? And that one line. The full moon wasnít for three weeks. Thatís what he still doesnít quite get. A full moon is the last thing Greyback needs. And even without the power of it, he can still injure, possibly kill them. Just ask Uncle Bill. Next Gen is so odd in the way that, no matter what kinds of stories their parents tell them, theyíll never understand what it was really like. Which is I suppose both a good thing, and a bad.

Is having a Memory Chamber a canon thing that I totally missed? If not, itís such an awesome idea and needs to be used a million times more. Itís always annoyed me on why Sirius didnít just a court the memory of him speaking with the Potters about secret keeper. We know you can tell if a memory is tampered with, and if he would have went immediately to Dumbledore there would be proof that there wasnít time for tampering...and the magical world has all these awesome things but then when they can be put to great use, like a Memory Chamber, weíre kind of flaked out on. Anyway, ĎMemory Chamber in the Minister=added to head canoní. :P.

So even if Albus doesnít realize it, when he sees something unknown stirring in Albus, heís really seeing the start of a monster slowly waking from a very convincing facade. I am so thrilled you did this from Albusís PoV, it gives such an incredible novelty to the story.

The memory of all the pain, all the bloodshed is affecting everyone greatly. But Greyback is the only one who.. for lack of better words, is hungry for it.

And thatís all Hermione needing. Those small bits of self control Greyback was forcing himself to hold onto, the necessity that he remain a rehabilitated monster breaks and he not only proves to the court how dangers he still is, but how little he cares for human life. Nice try, naughty wolf. Back to the slammer.

And just when I was staring to calm down after it all! I had completely forgotten about the package at the start (well, at least on my first read through I had) but now it all ties back in perfectly with our story! And the idea of Seamus trying to break into Azkaban and murder Greyback is so sad in the sense of what it did to him. At least he didnít succeed, because that would have been harder to keep him out of prison for. But his feelings for Lavender, the way that heís so far from being over them, bah. Youíve turned this into a very beautiful love story, mídear. I love that you showed us that, despite what heís been through and despite the fact that he isnít okay yet, he will be. He let Hermione know about the court meeting, he made sure something was done to keep the monster behind bars, instead of (like she said) hunting him down herself. The loss of Lavender broke him, but heís learning or at least trying to recover. Can you please pass me a tissue? :(.

This was such a beautiful little story Dan, thank you for telling it ♥

Author's Response: Sigh. I guess it's time to respond to this lovely review and see it disappear from my unanswered reviews page. Such sweet sorrow!

Isn't the banner amazing? I hadn't realized that Elenia had made it up to whatever level of TDA-dom that allows a person to take banner requests in the first round. I really need to figure out their traditions and customs a bit better. Let me play you the song of my people...

I just don't think that most people born after the war could appreciate the scale of the atrocities that were committed by Voldemort and his followers. I'm sure they've studied the history and they're familiar with the facts and figures, but how could they possibly understand what motivates a monster like Fenrir Greyback? They can't even conceive of the environment that allows somebody like that to flourish.

The Memory Chamber is completely my own creation. Given that the magic required to extract and view memories already exists, it seemed like a reasonably short leap. There were an awful lot of terrible mistakes that helped Voldemort to rise to power that could have been avoided it people had just made more use of the things that were already known. Maybe the wizarding world did get a bit smarter...

Yes, everyone else in the room was horrified by what they were seeing or, at worst, grimly fascinated. But for Greyback, the lure of violence and bloodshed was too much. He's yearned for something like this ever since Ron and Neville took him down during the final battle. Hermione showed him exactly what he wanted, and he fell for it.

I'm really glad you liked the ending. I picked up a wonderful bit of head canon somewhere that put Seamus and Lavender in a sort of unspoken relationship of mutually support and dependence while Snape and the Carrows were in charge of Hogwarts. I have to assume that her death hit him very hard. And he's not one to take something like that sitting down. And you're right. He is trying to get better. Someday, he'll even get there. He has to, so that he can help fight the Blood Order. ;)

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. This had languished in my unfinished projects for quite a while. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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