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Review:Jchrissy says:
Phew, finally here again! RL has been a brat lately.

I LOVE that you had the differences in Molly's and Arthur's parts in this. I think it would make absolute sense for Molly to be extremely reluctant to let Draco live in her home. She's such a protective mother, and knowing the things he's done to her family, that his family has done to hers, is a lot to be okay with. And then the money. No, Arthur isn't let Lucius buy him off, but he's also not making it easy to refuse. I mean, when you're really hurt for money, it talks more than if you had plenty.

The way that it comes down to the fact that if this was one of their children, they would need someone too, is awesome. And when Molly thinks about how young Draco really is.. how *he* hasn't actually done most of the things, but it's been his family that's done them *to him*... that was a really great turning point for Molly's decision.

The idea of what happened to Draco and Narcissa is terrible and so sad :(. But I still love how original this is all starting out, that you're really finding a solid point to start building a Draco/OC on.

I do have one bit of CC in this chapter, I don't think you need as much explaining in Lucius's letter. I mean, have all of the reasons and what's happened in there, but just in a shorter version. Only because that would really give us the feeling of intensity. But the letter didn't detract and take away from my desire to continues, so it isn't a big deal at all if you decide against editing it :).

Awesome chapter, m'dear!

Author's Response: It's no problem hun, RL has really been getting to me lately too. But then again, who ISN'T busy this time of year? With the holidays, and shopping, and working all this overtime; it's been hard keeping up on much here lately, lol. I will leave you some more reviews as soon as I can tho, I promise... Maybe you and I could just be paired together again this month, you think? Cuz I would really like to participate in the Review Exchange again, but I just don't think I would have enough time to read/review your story, plus take on somebody else's and then do SS on top of that! That's just a bit much, if you know what I mean... Is there any rule that says we can't be partners again for this month tho? ^_^'

I'm glad you liked my take on Molly's side of things tho. Some have said that it was OOC for her, but I didn't think so either. The money was definitely a contributing factor, no matter what Arthur said, lol. I think in any situation; especially one like theirs, it would be a hard offer to say no to. & I'm glad you picked up on the "what if this was our son" bit, cuz not too many people have really commented on that before. You really seem to be very in-tune with what's going on here, (if that even makes sense) and I like that about your reviews, lol! :)

Lucius' letter... Yeah, it's bad, I know! I get that from people a LOT actually, and reading back over it last night it did seem rather long and unrealistic in some parts, given that it's coming from Lucius. But I couldn't pick & choose what to keep and what to get rid of. Everything in the letter is essential in order to explain what happened prior to Draco being drooped off at The Burrow... Initially, I HAD a chapter before this one that detailed Draco's experiences prior to this moment, But it kept getting rejected for validation so I ended up just scrapping it and starting the story from here. Lucius' letter was how I then chose to let the readers know what had happened without really writing the scene out in full detail...

I don't know tho; that WAS a long time ago, back when I was a new member and was unsure of all the rules and how best to follow the ToS here. I probably could go back and redo that initial 1st chapter and make it so that it complied with the validation standards. But then I'd have to go thru and renumber ALL the chapter from here on out, and it would probably just end up confusing people, you know? I'll probly end up just getting with my Beta one day when we both have off and brainstorming some ideas on how we can improve the letter tho, cuz that would be the simpler thing to do. I appreciate your CC comments on that tho. I DO plan to eventually edit it, I just don't really know when, lol! =/

I felt bad, killing Narcissa off in the 1st chapter with no further expiation as to why or how she died. But her death is sort of essential to all of the changes that Lucius and Draco go thru in this, and you will find out more detail on her as the story goes on, I promise. I am glad you like the plot tho, and saying that you think my idea behind it is so Original is probably the best compliment I could ever receive, haha!! I take making this story as original as possible very seriously, and I have worked hard over the past few years to write something new, something that hasn't been done on here before. So it really meant a lot to me to hear you say that. Thank you so much hun!! =D


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