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Review:Miss Riss says:
I know that I haven't reviewed every chapter, but I thought I'd leave you this review to let you know my thoughts on your whole story.

First I've honestly never stumbled across a story like this before, and I absolutely loved the idea that you had it was very unique, and those are my favorite types of ideas!

Next I absolutely loved the character of Marta--I was pretty taken with Benjamin for a while (but I'm sure that was intended in some manners). Marta was witty, and I loved her relationship with Benjamin for the most part. I like how he took care of her despite how much she hated him in some instances. I think one of my favorite parts was when he went away for a week and Marta was basically losing it, and he showed up as if nothing was going on just helping her with his essay. While I quite enjoyed Benjamin to some extent I was sad with just how cruel he got with Marta, and others that surrounded her. He had quite the temper, especially when it came to her relationship with any form of muggle-born.

Diana was very smart in naming Marta after the woman that Benjamin was in love with. I liked that she was so smart, and figured out exactly what was going off. I also liked that he was so gentle (in some aspects) to Marta because of everything that she went through and because there was the whole underlying factor of her face being the same to the original Marta's as well.

Then in the beginning I completely thought Kazil (sp?) was so cold hearted to the only daughter he had, but it turns out he cared very deeply for her. Agh! I feel like I could go on forever about all of these kinds of things!

I did like the relationship that Marta had with the Marauders, mostly Remus and Sirius because they seemed to be the sole focus out of the group (clearly I'm stating the obvious). I like how you portrayed Remus, especially that she met him when he was in the hospital for is lycanthropy. Their relationship didn't ever seemed strained and it was basically effortless once they could actually pursue it. I just really loved the two of them together, and was sad that it didn't end up well for them.

Also I must say that in the epilogue I wasn't expecting Marta to be pregnant, I was thinking she honestly might kill herself before she'd have a child, but obviously she wasn't completely coherent when she engaged in sexual relations with Sirius. Also I liked that Remus vowed to try helping her no matter what, only thing was I was secretly hoping that Benjamin wouldn't make Marta suffer for talking to him, but in some manner he did because he took so much joy in the fact that she'd never see him again, and she was going to die. He was just so heartless in the end. Throughout a good portion of it at least he seemed to have some form of remorse, but at the end he was full on nefarious.

Well I plan on reading your sequel momentarily, and I'm sure I'll leave another rambling review. Overall I wanted you to know that I loved this story and can't wait to look at your sequel and some of your other things! :)

Author's Response: It is perfectly all right that you didn't review every chapter. I am simply astounded by the length and content of your review; it simply makes me pleased to hear what you enjoyed about reading this story!

I too hadn't heard about an evil imaginary friend story anywhere before either. When I originally conceived it, I tried figuring out how to use Benjamin outside of fan fiction. But fortunately for you, I gave up after a month of mental debate and this piece before you is the result of Benjamin bullying me to write his story! :)

You're right about how Benjamin was supposed to be endearing a bit at the beginning. He was the 'bad boy' that most of us romanticize into being a softie at heart. Marta then evolved to be the opposite: a shy girl with self-esteem issues that only Benjamin could help (or reinforce). I hope it doesn't sound mean, but it sounds like you went through the feelings I wanted you to experience- loving the character to loathing him. Or at least, something along those lines.

I don't know what else to say about Diana because you already said it so well! Diana simply knew Benjamin's weaknesses and used them to protect the daughter she knew she could never raise. As for Kazik (it's okay, the spelling was close), I only wish I could have gone into his character further within the story. I probably feel sorry for him the most because of what I did to the most important girls in his life.

I know in a lot of Marauder stories, many female OCs become really good friends with all four Marauders. In keeping this story different, I restricted myself to just two. The reasons why I chose them are also obvious, so don't worry about stating the obvious yourself either! :)

When I had planned the epilogue, the thought of Marta killing herself had never even entered my mind. My only goal was to show how I would transition from this story into the sequel and show Benjamin at his all-time worst. And while it wasn't obvious, Marta's presence at merely taking care of herself and carrying her daughter to term signaled to me that she still had a teeny tiny bit of hope left.

I must say thank you, thank you, thank you for this review! I thoroughly enjoyed reading and responding to it (sorry it took me a week to answer you)! I can already see that you liked the start of the sequel. Until then!

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