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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:

If you kill off Charlie, so help me. I don't think my heart can take any more bad things. I want to see Ron bolt into the building and rip Bellatrix's head off - or maybe I want to see Ron bolt into the building and obliterate Voldemort so that Bellatrix gets to watch her master die. That's the one bad thing about her death - she died thinking Voldemort was victorious. I wish she'd have seen him snuff it, and the massive defeat and disappointment that would have brought. It probably would have driven her (more) insane. So if you let us watch Bellatrix watch Voldy die, I will buy you a small island.

Ermehgerd, this chapter. The suspense! Brilliantly, brilliantly executed - you had me hanging on to every word. In the beginning I was sitting here thinking of all the poor Dramione hopefuls who were almost certainly clasping their hands together, praying, and who will only later be crushed when this escape plan does not inexplicably turn them into lovers. -patpat-

I feel so bad for Ginny. Losing Harry, and now she's going to find out that Dean's dead, too. If you thought Cho was bad, Ginny's going to be a friggin mess.

Draco, once again, was perfect. I could truly feel his anxiety as he led Hermione and Oliver upstairs, and his frustration when both of them were distracted by Harry still hanging there (and the image of that, by the way, still creeps the pants off me). He wanted to get them to safety more than he despised them, even though Hermione was once someone he gleefully bullied. And dueling his own aunt! Never in my life have I cheered for Draco but it definitely happened today! That takes guts, man, especially when he's grown up watching her destroy people like it's her job. Putting himself in the line of fire for Hermione and Oliver...this was the perfect way to redeem him while still making him believable. I love what you did.

And Charlie! Popping out of nowhere! I'm putting all of my hopes into the fact that we didn't see her kill him, only bind him with rope. And he's a sly thing, it seems, so maybe he'll get out of it. I hope Draco's okay back there, and Hermione and Oliver get out all right, and Ron goes and sucker punches everyone, and Harry is given a proper burial, and Bellatrix's face falls off, and Voldy is transfigured into a turtle, and someone kicks him over so that he's lying on his back, and no one ever hurts the poor Weasleys ever again because they are the bravest family ever and they have been through quite enough.


And now you made me feel all panic-y inside and my pizza has gone cold. -curls up into ball and rolls down the street-


Oh and adding this in here real quick, loved the bit where Hermione had the impulse to snatch the Cloak from Draco because she felt it more so belonged to her. Will she and Ron get the Cloak now? Omg are you going to give us an AU epilogue? With no Albus, James, and Lily, I'm curious about what things are like. And also who Ginny ends up with. I am a needy reader.

Author's Response: -deep, steadying breath- I am going to respond to this and it is going to be coherent and it will not be a mess. This is my hope.

Ah, so you think Charlie is dead? How interesting. But I'll just cackle over here, like always, and make you wait to find out the truth until the next chapter's up. Bellatrix totally deserves to die, though, in the most inhumane way possible. In some aspects, I kind of think she's worse than Voldemort. At least Voldy has reasons for doing what he does, however twisted and convoluted; Bellatrix just goes along with it, blasting people to bits because she's infatuated with him. What even is her problem.

I'm so, so, happy you thought this chapter was suspenseful enough!! You know how it is -- sometimes as writer (oftentimes, actually) we doubt ourselves. And I was looking through this story earlier and just thinking, "What if I'm not getting it across?" But your reviews just always, always reassure me and make me think that I'm getting it right, that THIS is what I should be doing. And that's invaluable; I can't tell you what it means to me.

I've absolutely adored writing Draco in this, though I feel like I've told you that before. But it still rings true, and I think it's because it's not easy to put him in canon all the time, but I love the challenge. I don't think he's entirely evil, but at the same time, he's got that self-preserving instinct that you've honed in on as far as Slytherins are concerned in general. He's going to do whatever it takes to save his skin, and now that he's been captured by the Shell Cottage group, effectively, this is what he agreed to do; it's this or be killed, physically or emotionally. I never liked him quite so much before setting out to write him in this story, but now I see where he's coming from.

Lulz so much at the image of you rolling down the street curled up in a ball. ♥ I APOLOGIZE FOR YOUR COLD PIZZA. Although that sounds truly delicious right now, hot or cold, and so I'm not so sorry, because I haven't eaten anything today. Woe. (And with this paragraph, I have officially broken my promise of the onset of this response. Oops.)

No AU epilogue, I'm afraid -- well. You'll see what I mean. :3 I leave it up to you to imagine what comes afterwards! ♥ Thank you a million, trillion times over!!

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