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Review:The Misfit says:
I have a confession to make.

I read this story a good four days ago, at least. Maybe even five. And yet this amazing fanfic has remained in my mind since then, poking me because my pay-as-you-go internet expired before I could submit a review.

I must admit, the first few chapters did get on my nerves slightly. I got the feeling that there was slightly too much repetition; I understand you were trying to explain how Benjamin's existence adversely affects Marta's life, but to me, it just seemed a little much. However, that might just be me :P

When the story started picking up, it improved. I admit I did think at one point that Benjamin was Tom Riddle, kind of like Marta was his Horcrux and he was manifesting himself outside her body because it was easier to keep her sane and safe that way. If that was your intention, how clever of you to lay miniature clues that would temporarily mislead us (the readers) to consider a different possibility, therefore being more shocked when we learned the truth. If it wasn't, you're evidently a better author than you realize ;)

While reading this fanfic, I felt like I was on a rollercoaster; I was rooting desperately for Marta to be able to get rid of Benjamin. I was terrified when he started showing his evil self, homicidal when he started hurting Remus (because Remus is too lovely to deserve being hurt!) and completely and utterly brokenhearted when Benjamin "returned from the dead" and started forcing Marta to sever all ties with her friends.

His ability to control the purebloods is cruel yet astounding; Marta and Sirius' one-night-stand was unwanted yet uncontrollable. I love how you wrote him to be so consumed by his desire for revenge that all the good qualities he once had have been replaced by pure evil.

And now, here are some little facts about this fanfic:

I cried so much reading the ending that the following morning, my neighbour saw my red eyes and asked if I'd had some kind of family bereavement. (Yes, really.)

I both hated and loved your final few chapters. Don't get me wrong- I don't hate your writing, but I was more like... I hate the fact that this is happening, I hate that I can't change it, I hate that this character I love is suffering. Do you know what I mean? And yet I love how you wrote the ending; not everything ends happily after and you reflected that. I do have to ask though, if Benjamin survives through Marta's blood, why doesn't she commit suicide? She's aware that she's going to die during childbirth, so why not end the curse with her instead of inflicting him upon her daughter?

This is the longest review I've EVER written, which just shows how much I have to say about your amazing fanfic.

And despite the fact that it's been almost a week since I read My Not-So-Imaginary Friend, I didn't need to re-read this fanfic to write my review- oh no. Marta and Benjamin are still rattling around in my mind, which just proves further how fabulous this story is.

I'm going to shut up now and go and read the sequel :P

Author's Response: First off, let me reassure you that it's okay that it took a few days between reading the ending and writing this massive review (which made my eyes boggle when I initially saw it). It's also taken me almost a week to get around to leaving you a proper response that you certainly deserve, so I'd call us even. :)

I agree with the beginning going by rather slowly. That's a nasty habit of mine that I've also done with another completed fic of mine. At least you endured through the repetitive chapters so you could get to the meat of the story. I know this is something I need to work on in the future. That's why I write fan fiction in the first place- to improve my writing style and skills.

I actually intended for Marta's pendant to be a false Horcrux, actually. Sort of like Slytherin's locket in DH. I actually didn't think that Marta as a person could be a Horcrux like Harry was. I will take your compliment about me being a good author graciously. Your idea actually seems like a blend between what I was trying to get you, the reader, to believe and what was actually happening, so you were very close to the truth while reading.

Thank you especially for sharing the emotions you experienced when reading. I see these chapters dozens of times before I post them, so my emotional reaction to the events diminish to the point where I giggle at tragedy and hardly smile at the cleverest of jokes. It's great to know that the emotions I intended to convey were actually felt by you, the reader.

Oh yes, Benjamin's powers are quite overwhelming. One thing is certain about Benjamin: he has become an excellent actor after doing this for nine centuries.

Oh my gosh, what a nice neighbor! I'm really sorry that I made you cry, but your neighbor sounds so caring! I just had to address that.

I understand what you're getting at with the whole love/hate thing with the chapters leading to the end of the story. I know I feel the same way when my favorite characters in other people's stories have terrible endings. But Benjamin was just too powerful for the Marauders and Marta to get rid of him so easily. Addressing your question about Marta possibly committing suicide, I wanted to show that she still had a flicker of hope somewhere deep down. While she failed miserably, there's always a chance that one of her descendants might be able to break the curse. If Marta killed herself while pregnant, she would also kill her innocent daughter. Additionally, I knew a girl who committed suicide in real life. None of my characters will ever do such a thing, no matter how depressing or hopeless life may seem at times.

On my computer, I can't even read all of your review without scrolling down a bit. And now with my response, there will definitely be a lot of scrolling to track my response with your review! :)

Thank you so very much for this fabulous review! It's okay that you didn't reread the entire thing to write this. I'm glad to hear this story made such a lasting impression on you! I hope you enjoy the sequel! :)

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