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Review:water_lily43175 says:
I TOTALLY MISSED THAT THIS CHAPTER WAS UP! Bad me. I've become very lax with my reviews lately, it's not very good.

So much love for Artemis being the character in the chapter image, haha. Best of the lot so far.

(Just in case you actually believe that and make the rest of the images Artemis to please me ... this is a lie. I enjoy Scorpius and Albus and Methy much more. Thank you.)

So much Scorose tension. I approve. I love this whole bit, with the five of them all interacting. LOVE it.

Scorp casually getting shirtless. AS YOU DO.

By the way. I vaguely remember you saying you had plans for Albus. Though I may be wrong. Either way I'm not checking because I think it was a thread and a half ago and I'm not trawling back through all of that. I'm still holding out for Albus/Selena of course (though actually I can't see that happening because there's been next to no interaction between them and I really can't imagine them together. Oh well) but I totally got Albus/Methy vibes from this, haha.

AH. Scorpius was Obliviated. Hence the need for Finite Incantatum! Yesss, things beginning to make sense now. Are we getting answers? Hmm.

Love how Scorp still gets a jab in about Albus's size during such a serious moment! Anyway. Fire. Ritual. People. Two of my questions have been answered - they were found together because they WERE all found; and they weren't killed because Al and Rose were there. OKAY. Still a lot of mystery though. I'm also concerned here because the immunity of this ritual which interfered with Scorpius' memory charm ... I can't work out whether the potion they used to pull the charm apart will also wipe his immunity to the virus. I don't think it would, because, you know, he's the main character and all ... but I'm still wondering whether there is a vague chance of that. Maybe I'm just having a good night of coming up with crackpot theories. I DON'T KNOW.

River to the underworld. UH OH.

Oh, Nathalie, Nathalie, Nathalie, what are you doing to yourself? I am very concerned for her and what's happened between Unconvictus and now. Answers much desired!

Oh, Rosie. Rosie, Rosie, Rosie. So much love for this moment. She really does care about Scorp. And about ALBUS. She needs to stop trying to hide from it all - what is it with you and putting your characters through hell? Rose is as bad as Tanith, working herself to the bone to try to hide from her worries and her thought processes in general. I LIKE THIS BTW. Basically I just love this chance to see weak Rose. Bless her.

But Scorpius isn't useless!

Author's Response: Sneak chapter! Yeah, I should have a chart or something to determine who gets chapter pictures or something but... I don't, and I don't want too many of one character, and I couldn't figure out whose turn it was. So I went for Artemis. And intentionally wanted to choose the most SERIOUS cat-face possible. She's, like a SUPER serious cat. I also have a bizarre fondness for writing her.

I am fond of this scene in the Hall, reading back. There's some good interaction between the lot of them. And of COURSE he had to get shirtless. Fan-service must occasionally happen! Lawl, I have plans for Albus, and who knooows about Albus/Methy. Methuselah's mostly upset at Albus MOVING in this chapter thought.

You see the need for Finite Incantatum! It was important. My lore was less strong, however. Interesting theory but I should reassure you now about the potion - it was specifically a potion to try to target and diffuse the memory charm fully. This was only possible because the ritual was protecting him from magic at the time the memory charm was cast and it got a bit skewiff (technical term). Just so you don't freak out and worry they've accidentally left him open to infection. I'll give you that one for free.

River to the underworld NOT good. Phlegethon! See my symbolism! More on our esteemed Professor later.

True, Rose is one of those characters of mine who makes their own life harder. In her case it's because she's sixteen and freaking out and trying to do her best, but she's learning, and she's got people trying to help her. She might not wind up QUITE so messed up. And it was, as some people have said, about time we got to see weak Rose; she needed 'softening'.

Scorpius is not useless. And some day he'll show everyone. Thanks for reviewing!

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