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Review:Yoshi_Kitten says:
Its me again, back for more already. 2 Reviews in 1 night? Man Im on a roll, haha! Gotta take advantage of having an internet connection while I can tho... Hey, congrats on winning a Dobby for this, btw! I was so excited when I saw that you won for Best Villain this year. But omg, UGH! Who is this mysterious woman? Her identity; or lack thereof, is driving me CRAZY! I must know MORE, haha! You are really good at writing this Mystery and keeping us all in suspense, arent you? Honestly, you writing style is Crazy good!! =)

& you know, not only are you great at writing all of the action-packed scenes, but even the more lowkey moments in this were really good. Like that part where Harry came home and Hermys was trying to do all that he could to help him get more sleep. & then when Harry was trying to get Ron to go home and get some sleep also. I absolutely LOVED the line where Harry threatened to go to Molly if Ron did not leave and get some rest. Lets just hope that it never has to come down to that, haha... I think that having small moments like that help to make this story just as great as all the big dramatic moments do. It shows just how much thought you've put into all this, and it make me love the story all the more!

I am beginning to loath Flint's character, slowly but surely, and in such a way that I desire to see bad things happen to him, lol. When he think that women should relearn their place as well. Grrr. I mean, how arrogant can you get? That being said, however, I do also feel that that line was a great insight into how his mind works. Actually, the whole beginning of this chapter was great for giving us more details about Flint. I just cant believe that hes already planning to betray his new mistress as soon as she lets all of his friends out of Azkaban. If I were him, I would not be so quick to underestimate her, especially if she was the one who gave them that Exussanguis spell. Then again, I also LIKE the fact that Flint is not 100% loyal to her in the way that the Death Eaters were to Voldemort. I feel like this particular point will make things all the more interesting later on down the road... The recruits he found there at the end really seemed like some shady guys. I am definitely intrigued to know more about them and the role that they have to play in everything.

I thot that the secret entrance to the Ragged Fang pub was SO cool! And, you know, Zabini sure does seem to be getting mentioned more and more often here. I keep waiting for him to make an actual appearance in all of this. And I cant help but wonder whos side he will be on, if and when he does, and if he has changed at all thru the years. Like; is he evil as Flint is now, or has he tried to make things right for himself the way that Draco has? Ack! I just have so many questions now... You see what this story is putting me thru? I am one of those people who just can't stand not knowing things like this, lol! XD

I do like Susan's character tho, or at least I am starting to like her. It made me smile when Harry appointed her as the "Temporary Replacement Weasley." & It is good thing, to see Susan Bones following down her mother's career path, and I feel like she works really well with Harry. She knows how to get things done and remain organized in times of high stress, and I think that's what he needs now while Ron is gone. That being said, I am not quite sure that dividing the Auror's was her best move tho. If only they knew about the conversation between Flint & that Mystery Woman at the beginning of this, they would not be so quick to spread their forces out so thin like that. It does seem odd to me that there are not enough Aurors to cover everything tho. I mean, it always seemed like a popular profession to have, and you would think that people would be lining up to work side-by-side with The Great Harry Potter, lol. Especially after they won the war and had this time if Peace... Idk. Maybe Im just reading too far into things tho. Wouldnt be 1st time Ive done that, lol! ;)

I still feel really bad for Harry. I know hes gone thru a lot, but with all of this newfound craziness going on, at least now he has something to help take his mind off of Ginny for a while. I REALLY liked the statement you made here about Harry needing "a reason to feel needed." Cuz I think you're right; that is exactly what he needs again. & At least now he can stop sitting at home alone all the time, debating about whether he should, erm, take matters into his own hands and, umm, join his parents or not... I still cant believe that he was even remotely considering that at one point. Poor Harry. =/

But OMG, what about Hermione?!? Oh dear, I seriously do hope that the healers can get her back up on her feet again soon. & poor Ron as well. He is probably NOT going to take this news very well at all. I just wonder how long Harry can go on tho; having to keep this big of a secret from his 2 Best Friends like that. It must be eating at him, having to keep something like that hidden. Hopefully they wont be too mad at him tho whenever this does all come out. =/

Wow. What another wonderful chapter you have here Dan, and what an ending too! Now I really cant wait to find out what happens next. This story just keeps on getting better and better with each chapter, and I love the ride you have taken me on with this. Seriously tho; I still cant believe that I never came across this story sooner, lol. Its so suburb!! Now Im not sure when I'll be able to review again, but you will definitely be hearing from me at some point, for sure! And again, I am sorry for going missing basically all of last month. I got your wonderful reviews tho, and I promise I will respond to them as soon as I possible can. Please bear with me, as I am doing the best I can with the resources that I have right now. *sigh* & Happy Thanksgiving, since that is just right around the corner from now, haha! Hope your Holidays are great Dan!! =D

Author's Response: OK, let's see whether I can craft another worthy review response this morning!

First off, thanks so much! Winning a Dobby was incredible. It made me feel like people really appreciated everything that went into writing CoB. The nominations alone where a huge thing for me! So thank you for being part of that! :)

A story can't be all action and bombs dropping and curses flying all over, so I'm really glad you like the slower-paced scenes, too. I always worry about those because, for me, they're the hardest to write. Give me the boom, boom dueling scenes any day! I feel like Molly is still a huge presence in the lives of her entire family, even with the canon characters in their sixties and seventies. She just has that sort of force-of-personality. I'm confident that Ron's still frightened of her at some level.

If you don't like Flint, well, that means I'm doing a good job. You're definitely not meant to like him. He's arrogant and self-serving and he's trying to play both ends against the middle, so to speak. His true loyalties are only to himself. But he's probably met his match and then some where his shadowy benefactor is concerned. Underestimating her could be a fatal mistake. The new recruits are exactly what they sound like. They're among the dregs of wizarding society, definitely not the sort of idealists that Voldemort surrounded himself with.

Ha! Zabini's name has come up once or twice, hasn't it? We'll just have to see whether he amounts to anything more...

Over the course of writing this, Susan became one of my absolute favorite characters. So, yes, you'll be seeing a great deal more of her. I do imagine her having a lot in common with her late, famous aunt. The same sort of moral fiber and conviction to do the right thing, for instance. She's a joy to write and it you stick it out until the chapters in the early 20's, she really gets a chance to shine.

Harry does feel better when he has something to do. That's for certain. It takes his mind off of things.

Hermione is alive, and that's a pretty big deal under the circumstances. She definitely has a long, difficult journey ahead of her. All of the trio do. Harry feels terribly about having to keep secrets from his two best friends, but the healer has a point. Neither of them is prepared to know about this just yet.

Don't sweat the timing. We're all busy. You see how long it took me to respond to these wonderful reviews. ;) As long as we keep gradually moving forward, it's all good. I hope your Thanksgiving was awesome, as well, and thanks for reading and reviewing!

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