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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:


I JUST CAN'T WITH YOU. I CAN'T. I'M SO CAN'T THAT I'M THE BACKWARDS OF THAT. I'M T'NAC. That's what you're saying, right? Because Hermione's wearing a Lavender suit, and Lavender's dead, so that's why they've got her DNA. So one can assume that the only reason why they are in possession of a Dean cocktail is because he's dead, too. Which really makes my head spin because WHAT ARE THEY DOING WITH POLYJUICE POTIONS FOR THESE DEAD STUDENTS. They cannot be up to good things here. Is it to disguise themselves in public? Manipulate families? Make people uncertain about which of their hostages were really dead or alive? It's so disturbing, but genius on your part. I really want to know what they're after here with their personal body-snatching laboratory.

OLIVER!! YAY!! At least you have spared Oliver. BUT DEAN. YOU HAVE KILLED EVERYONE. I SORT OF WANT TO THROTTLE YOU. My poor feels are in a corner somewhere, rocking back and forth and whispering in rambly Latin.

I feel so torn because I couldn't hate Draco here, no matter how much I want to (on principle). Being a Slytherin, it wouldn't have surprised me if he regarded himself as the Cloak's owner, just because of finders-keepers. But he views it as Harry's. He's uncomfortable because Harry's dead; even though they were arch enemies. Harry's short lifespan, and his acknowledgement that they had grown up together and Harry's death was not something to be celebrated, made me feel like Draco has evolved in exactly the way JKR made it sound like he did post-DH. He's still slimy at times, like when he was slightly rude to Hermione while telling her to get up, and his general impatience and reluctance when it comes to all things Order of the Phoenix, but I can empathize in ways I couldn't before, not even in Half Blood Prince when everyone was fawning over his daddy issues and the-poor-boy-has-no-choice, etc. Harry and Draco are actually a lot alike. If Harry had been born to the Malfoys and Draco to the Potters, I think they would have assumed opposite roles perfectly. Harry could easily have been the snot-nosed, jealous kid and Draco could have been the one to always act a hero. His shocks of revulsion about what they've done to Hermione, and his subsequent guiltiness that he felt bad about anything negative happening to a mudblood, makes him so human. He's having trouble categorizing what is wrong - hating mudbloods or feeling bad that a mudblood's wrist has been broken. His family raised him to believe that they were scum, but the thing with Slytherins is that they seem to have a knack for self-preservation. If self-preservation means changing your ideals and burying prejudices, then he's likely to do it in gradual steps.

It's nice to see that he's feeling those tugs of morality here, the empathy. He's not a monster. You displayed that excellently while all the while keeping him perfectly in-character.


Author's Response: I am terrible for waiting so long to respond to this review. Pure evil, that's what I am. You may shun me for it.

YOU HAVE MADE AN ACCURATE CONNECTION. I don't think I intended for so many people to die, you know, in starting off writing this story. I think one of the most disturbing things to remember, too, about using students for Polyjuice, is that the Shell Cottage team wouldn't automatically suspect them, you know? You see adults wandering around and you're suspicious of them; you see teenagers, you're not going to be so much. I figure they'd be using the potions for whatever struck their fancy, getting around or getting out information or possible future infiltration. (Your poor feels. I feel like I always batter them AND I TRULY DON'T MEAN TO.)

True story: I'm really not a fan of Draco. He's really kind of a git, like Harry always said, though Harry admittedly was scummy towards him in return. But writing him here has brought me a somewhat different look on his character, and I ENJOY writing him in this story. I've said it before, but there are thousands upon thousands of stories out there where Draco is sorely out of character. I wanted to rectify that here above all else. And I adore the comparison you made between Harry and Draco, because it's very true. Harry would have been so arrogant, I think, if his parents had lived, because James was kind of that way. And Harry had a lot of Slytherin qualities in him, too, even without Voldemort lurking around in him.

You are the greatest. I cannot even. How do you leave such lovely reviews all the time. ♥ Your support is the literal best. THANK YOU FOR BEING MY BEST REVIEWER.

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