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Review:MargaretLane says:
Yikes, I really didn't think Neville would be somebody to buy into prejudice. He's experienced enough of it himself. I guess he was treated pretty badly by the Slytherins when he was at school, but in a way, his reaction is rather like Snape's - ill-treating students because he was bullied at school. No teacher should behave like that. It's up to a teacher to try and discourage prejudice, not encourage it.

Brilliant Sorting Hat song. I tend to skip them because they're really hard. I love the fact that your one gave a warning and pointed out how hateful it is to sort 1/4 of 11 year old children into a group that'll mean they'll face prejudice and discrimination all their lives.

A Headmaster in his early thirties? He must be pretty impressive. Even in our world, that'd be unusual and people here generally retire in their 60s. He'd be over people who could have been in their 60s or more when he was born! Unless of course, he's a lot older than he looks. I wonder if there's some reason you've made him so young or if it's just to show how talented he is.

Yikes, he became Headmaster at such a young age, without even having worked as a teacher first? I wonder how he gets the respect of the teachers. You'd think the ones who'd been teaching for 40+ years would be pretty resentful at somebody who'd never taught a day in his life being put in over them. I suspect he's either going to be exceptionally good, to the point that he's gained absolutely everybody's respect or else he's going to have absolutely no idea about running a school. *laughs*

And James sounds like an extreme version of his grandfather - talented, a prankster and a bully.

So no 1st year girls in Slytherin?

Yikes, didn't that guy speaking to the Blood group (can't remember what they were called) have ice-blue eyes? I must double-check that. Hmm, is he the same guy or is it like Snape? We're supposed to think that and he'll really be on the side of the angels - if either side can be considered angels in this. It sounds like it's going to be bad against worse.

I LOVE the idea of Filch continuing as caretaker as a ghost. I actually considered making him have the ghost of Mrs. Norris, so she could spy even more effectively on the students for him, but I wasn't sure if cats could be ghosts, so I came up with another idea I liked equally and which I think fit my specific story better.

I also love your idea of how to get into the Slytherin common room. I wonder if this is going to be relevant or if you just used it 'cause it's cool. Which it is and very original. It also sort of makes more sense than a password, since we've seen that passwords can be found.

Yikes, somebody played a prank that has permanently traumatised students and caused security in the school to be upgraded. That's not a prank, that's torture.

Thought KILLING anybody who isn't a Slytherin and tries to get into the common room seems a bit extreme.

I think if I were at Hogwarts in your story's version, I'd want to be in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. Well, I'd want to be in them ANYway, particularly Ravenclaw, but in your story, it sounds like Gryffindor is full of bullies and being in Slytherin means being constantly tortured, so I think I'd want to avoid those houses even more. Not that I think I'd be in any danger of being in a house that values either bravery or cunning anyway. Those are two things I'm DEFINITELY not.

Author's Response: Yeah, Neville may be a little OOC here, but even years after being bullied myself I haven't been able to get over it and hate the people who did it to me. Something like bullying is too painful to forget, even after years. I can't blame Snape, and I even understand why he hated Harry. (I don't think it was the right thing to do because it wasn't, it was just understandable.)

Thanks! I wasn't confident about my Sorting Hat song, so I'm glad that someone liked it even if I didn't. :)

Yeah, Triton is a bit of a special case. He's an important character, and he's got a quite interesting backstory! Everything about his strange circumstances will be explained in a later book. :)

Yeah, no first year girls in Slytherin. :( I wanted to, but Albus, Scorpius, and Oswald are the only third-year Slytherins who are ever going to have a role, and I didn't want to make a random character that would have no place being there.

Yeah, the students REALLY hate Slytherin, considering the Slytherins walked straight out during the Battle of Hogwarts in DH and refused to fight for Hogwarts (or did even worse and returned to fight for Voldemort). I thought this was an interesting way of portraying Slytherin, because the wizarding world probably isn't happy with them even after 19 years. Though I did make the hatred a bit extreme, mainly for plot reasons.

I'd probably be a Ravenclaw or Slytherin in this story. Most likely in Slytherin, because I'm pretty ambitious and I'd want to change Slytherin's bad name as well as lead them. ;) But I'd love Ravenclaw, too.

Wow! Thank you so much for reviewing! I love reading your long reviews and hearing what you have to say!

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