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Review:water_lily43175 says:
...I get the feeling this is going to be a good one. I DON'T KNOW WHERE I GET THAT IDEA FROM ;)

...oh no. OH NO OH NO OH NO it's all going wrong. This is what I was excited for but now it's happening and WHAT.

Okay. Constructive thoughts. Because that's clearly easy right now. The only thing you could have done to get a messier review is to have thrown Dimitri into the mix.

Jen is angry. Really angry. I don't blame her; she has every right to be. Not that Tanith deserves it because she REALLY didn't have a choice, but that's not going to make it better for Jen right now.

Toby. Toby got the injunction. For Tanith, or just to stop the Ministry looking bad? You just KNOW that it's the latter. Or maybe I should give him more credit? I don't know. The T/T discussion that comes from this will be VERY interesting though. And ... I love Vaughn. I honestly, truly love him. Everything that he says is right, and it's the reason why Jen should, once she's calmed down, forgive Tanith for it. But it's not going to be easy for her, bless her.

HAHA. "Or, in Gabriel's case, he knew something was wrong because Jen slammed the door behind her loud enough to make the wall shake." DEAD. No. No laughing. This is going to be serious.

Oh my. Oh my oh my oh my. Jen's angry. REALLY angry. And I can't blame her for anything. At the end of the day, nobody is in the wrong here. She's hurt, REALLY hurt - because it's a big thing to find out, especially given that she found it out in the middle of a court case AND found out that Gabe had kept it from her. But ... oh, Gabe. Two steps forward, two hundred steps back. There never WAS the right time for him to say to her "hey, by the way, my best pal killed your fellow". And Jen IS unfair to suggest that she should come before Tanith - but then, she's not in the most rational place right now, so I guess more can be said for her reactions once she's had time to calm down. But really, this is where the Jen/Tanith issue is going to kick in big time. Because - and part of me doesn't even want to say this, because I really don't want to be criticising Jen at all, because I DO love her and I know that she's hardly the most emotionally stable person right now - but she lets her dislike of Tanith influence her thoughts over Gabe and Tanith's friendship. She seems to disregard that they've been friends for YEARS, and that this is a difficult situation for Gabe to be in right now. And she can't seem to fathom that Gabe could possibly think of Tanith's wellbeing here. I KNOW that there are so many mitigating circumstances here but that could possibly be an issue going forwards. If she liked her more, she'd possibly be more understanding of Gabe keeping it from her, but as it is, it just makes things worse.

...and I don't even know if that point is right or even MAKES SENSE. Eh, I can elaborate on it when words are more freely available to me and my bottom jaw has become reunited with my top one. COOL CHAPTER BRO.

Author's Response: Wo yes your mystery psychic powers are on. This chapter is where it All Goes Bananas. Everyone has a lot of Feels about Jen Riley in this chapter, it seems. Which is interesting! Not that it's wrong, but I am surprised she gets the focus more than Gabe or Tanith. Then AGAIN we have been through Gabe and Tanith's thoughts on this topic before, so not much NEW comes out about them. Still, I thought Gabe was going to get more backlash for how he handled that conversation.

Interesting theory on Toby. Interesting theory on his motivations. I guess we'll have to wait and see, won't we? But yes, Vaughn is Da Bomb in this chapter. He earns his keep and his chapter pic!

*crackles knuckles* Jen. You're right, pretty much... entirely. She's got a right to be angry and outraged and bewildered and hurt. And at the same time she might have been a wee bit more calm about this if it hadn't been Tanith at the centre of it all. Not so much that she sees the situation as worse because it's Tanith, but if she LIKED Tanith a part of her brain might have demanded she stop and think and that might have affected things. It's less that she treats Tanith worse in the situation so much as she doesn't treat Tanith BETTER, if that makes any sense? STILL, you are right, she's outraged and indignant and unhelpful. The proof will be in the pudding when it comes to how she behaves once she's calmed down from all of this.

Of course, she might still be being indignant and unpleasant. ;)

Thanks for ze reviewwws.

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