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Review:Echo95 says:
Ooooh. That. Was. AWESOME! Honestly, I just spent the last half hour obsessed with this, and then I HAD to read it again. First, I think Tobias got the injunction, because he's still in love with Tanith. Jen and Gabe though, that looks like it's going to take them a while to sort out their issues, especially since they're so opinionated.

Ok. So here's my opinion on Jen Riley, even if you don't want to hear it. She's a great character, and if I was in Gryffindor I would probably want to work with/for her, especially during the war. But she's INCREDIBLY opinionated, judgmental, and sort of assumes she has the moral upper hand. She just sort of assumes that her opinions are right. So, if it's a two way street for Tanith and Tobias, then it's a two way street for Jen and Gabe and Tanith and Jen as well. Obviously she's just had a traumatic experience, but for someone who seems like she's going to take the moral high ground, she seems to have always ignored that she was LUCKY in some ways. Tanith didn't have the choice to leave the Auror office during the war, but Riley was free as a bird to start the Lions. I mean, eventually she'll probably at least accept why Tanith killed him, but she might also hate her forever, which is wrong and a touch bitchy, actually. It's kind of obvious that Tanith is punishing herself for killing Nick Wilson, but no one else sees it, which is interesting. Even so, for all her "I'm persecuting war criminals" moral high ground, and her brief notion of fighting for Lackardy, she's very one sided, and obstinate, and probably should never be in a true position of power again. She's too emotional.

Still, I loved it. I can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: I always want to hear opinions! Yes, Jen is a very opinionated and strong-willed person with a strong moral compass. I suppose it's true she assumes her opinions are right, but at the same time, we all generally assume our own opinions are right, which is why we hold them! :) But you're not wrong, she is the most morally forthright of the characters, which means that she is decisive when she is right, and fanatical when she is wrong.

I think the assessment is perhaps a little harsh, however, and based on two factors. The first is that: this is the initial fallout. This is her *just now* learning what happened to her lover, in public, in the middle of doing her job, no less. So yes, she's losing her nerve quite fantastically, and it's a double-whammy once she realises that Gabe lied by omission. The second is a worse defence: Jen just doesn't like Tanith very much. She tries, for Gabe's sake, but it really makes the knife twist more and she's only human against such a personality clash. I would remind that it's Jen, really, who catalysed Tanith into taking action against the administration in Shadow, saving Nick from Azkaban and Jen demonstrated her capacity to look beyond her own nose when it came to trusting Gabe. These are all older information and half-written and I have put very little of Jen's background on paper, really, to indicate the risks she took compared to Tanith's (though, indeed, Jen was far, far freer to act than Tanith). Most important, really - this sequence is not done, Jen's emotional reaction to these events is not done, and the impact it will have upon her and her self-reflection is not done. I, personally, would still consider Jen a more professional person than Tanith. ;)

BUT I am not saying you're wrong! I am HAPPY that my characters get reactions and such like this, and it's always interesting how people respond to the more morally forthright characters - there's no set universal agreement, in my experience. So PLEASE do feel free to give more back and forth on this topic, it pleases me!

There WILL be more to come, from Gabe and Jen and Tanith and the lot, and - interesting theory about Tobias. There's logic to it. We'll see if you're right. Thanks a whole bunch for your thoughts!

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