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Review:Violet Gryfindor says:
I'm so glad that I picked this one to read! Tonks and Charlie are among my favourite characters, so it's great to see someone writing about them in more than just a one-shot or as a passing reference. That you've constructed this relationship between them is unexpected in a very pleasant way - I love the in medias res feel of this first part (it seems odd to call it a chapter, since it's a story collection rather than a continuous novel, but I might interchange the terms by accident). I was on the edge of my seat, wondering if they would give each other up for their careers, and if so, what that would mean for this story. Even though that wasn't the case, I'm still very interested in this couple who don't end up together, but instead pursue their careers. It's something that doesn't often happen in the Potterverse, and it's rare enough in fiction on a wider scale. I want to see where this story will go, so I'm definitely adding it to my favourites list. :)

It was wonderful to finally take the opportunity to read and review something of yours. You had my full attention by the end of the introduction, if not by the end of the first paragraph. Your style there is perfect with its strong voice and sharper tone - it captures the reader's interest right away and makes one want to read on. I love your interpretation of Tonks's voice, and the description of how she changes her hair is the best Metamorphagus transformation I've seen in writing. Throughout the rest of the story, you pulled at my emotions and pulled me into Tonks's mind - her focus on the blades of grass stood out because those are the kind of details the mind focuses on when it's upset. It added to the realism of the characters and their circumstances.

I know that the last part in Romania is closely linked to the other scene, but the change in mood and tone broke up the flow. It's still excellently-written, but I'm not sure why it's attached to the first part and not a separate piece on its own. It's a perfect comic scene, but it seems more to create that awkward cliffhanger at the end rather than complete what the first part started. Does that make sense? Perhaps reading the next chapter will help me better situate myself and see how you'll be structuring the rest.

Overall, though, I really enjoyed this. You've got a lot of talent and I look forward to reading more of your stories. You've done fantastic work with both Tonks and Charlie - it will be great to see where you take them next. :D

Author's Response: Can I just admit that I was sort of jaw dropped when I saw the name who this review belonged to? You know that you're one of my favorite writers on this, so having you add a story of mine to favorites is such an awesome honor.

First person is *such* a challenge for me. Third Omniscient is my happy place, so getting out there and trying something new really has been nice. But I'm so thrilled that you like Tonks's narrative voice so far, because I wanted to do something that mixed the funny girl and capable auror. To be honest, I didn't care for her at all in the books. Not really her exactly, but I guess what JKR did with her. So I have been trying to keep her canon while still adding a few tweaks.

I think writing this and knowing the don't end up together makes it even more fun. It gives me the chance to explore how those 'little things' broke them apart.. in my Marauders ear I focus on things that bring Lily and James closer together as friends, difficulties they get through that first hurt them, then heal them.. and honestly it gets exhausting. So writing about a couple that really just aren't good for each other, they don't belong together but they want to *so bad* is an awesome change of pace and a nice way to take a breather from Lily and James's preciousness.

Really, I don't even know how I'm structuring the rest :P. I'll probably do Tonks, Charlie, Tonks, Charlie in PoV terms (which is why that last section didn't get tacked onto the next chapter, though it does feel like it's kind of just hanging out there on its own, haha!)

The next chapter focuses a lot more on Charlie and shows what this Reservation means to him. Why he misses out on so many things with his family, why he'll choose dragons over anything, and kind of just sets the tone for his life out there.

I feel like I'm rambling.. but I just have to say how much I loved this review. I feel like a fangirl squeeling because her favorite author signed a book or something.

Thank you so much for stopping by ♥ if you do decide to check out the next chapter, be warned that it's very dragon/Charlie filled and much less Tonks and Charlie. But I think it's important to understand them both before trying to explore why they let one another down so many times for the sake of their careers.

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