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Review:water_lily43175 says:
Oh, no Gabe reaction to finding Tanith! This disappoints me. Though actually, he was never going to do anything more than bat an eyelid at coming across her in his flat, was he? He's hard to surprise, is Gabe.

"You have to practice not looking surprised when things happen so people believe you're all-knowing." I love him.

Oh, Gabe. When he's being caring friend, he is honestly the most amazing person in the entire world. Jen, you've got yourself a catch.

Oh Jen, not understanding Toby's road metaphor. Bless her. Toby DOES need to stop completely blaming himself - but then, I guess that's the typical reaction in this situation. And it is, as he says, so ironic that he really couldn't be bothered with his work right now, especially as Tanith was let off her own as well...

Also ironic that he's now realising that there's more to life than just work. Because it seemed as though he'd become completely one-eyed, totally focused on the election and NOTHING ELSE, and didn't realise what it was to have Tanith. Course, in the words of Joni Mitchell (or Counting Crows, as we do love them) YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU GOT TILL IT'S GONE. Tragic.

And finally, Cal tells Tanith what she needs to hear. She can't keep all of this locked up, she should have talked to Tobias about it, for her own sake more than anything else. And I don't think I'd realised just how much of an effect Jacob's death has had on her until now. He was really the only person who understood what she went through in the war. And now she feels like she doesn't have anyone. But that's really her FAULT, because she's not said anything to anyone else. Silly billy.

Fortune cookies. DAVID. More references. I am SO intrigued as to when this is all going to come out. EXCITED.

Ugh, I hate what Thanatos says. Because it's true, but at the same time ... it's not RELEVANT. It shouldn't be relevant to Cal. The similarities are biological; in every other way the two aren't alike at all! And Cal shouldn't let Thanatos play with his mind like that. It's not going to do him any good, visiting him, even if it IS just to talk about Quidditch and girls and family and friends. And neither is the idea that Cal keeps Thanatos' spirit alive. Bleurgh. HORRIBLE thought.

Oh, Gabe. You truly are an amazing person. I'VE CHANGED MY MIND HE'S MY FAVOURITE. Love the fluffy Gannifer at the end. Beautiful stuff, and a fantastic contrast to T/T. MUCH LOVE.

Author's Response: I suppose it was cruel to build up Gabe's possible reaction only for him to react... like Gabe. Hopefully Jen's freak-out compensated for it a little!

Nope, pureblooded Jen can only grasp a road-based metaphor from context. Fortunately I like to write these characters as being smart enough TO figure out what's going on from context, compared to some of the truly dim canonical wizards! But at least she's not someone to let Tobias blame himself thoroughly, as she's hardly Tanith's biggest fan. But yes, from here on we explore a wee bit more of why the breakup wasn't wholly Tobias' fault, despite his guilt (and how typical that, depressed by the breakup, he's less enthused by his work... which caused the breakup).

It's Cal's turn to throw truths in Tanith's face! Only he doesn't end it in a fight, like she did. You're not alone in underestimating the impact of Jacob's death - everyone has, including her, mostly because everyone else doesn't know what she went through, and she doesn't THINK about what she went through. But it's out there, and Everything is going to come to a head soon. My Chekhov's Guns are on the wall and will be fired some day.

Thanatos is manipulative and he is desperate and he is, perhaps... genuine. But, yes, how much DOES just plain biology matter, if at all? While the judgement's firm that Thanatos cannot even begin to compare to Will, does that mean Thanatos is entirely irrelevant? Or should forever be irrelevant? Probably, yes. Cal's basically a bit of a sap here, bless him. I think my personal opinion stands with Will when he says he doesn't know if anyone deserves the fate of being locked up forever and forgotten - but if it's possible TO deserve that fate, Thanatos Brynmor totally does.

Yeah, this end bit is my favourite Gannifer fluff. And they DO their fluff so very well. They're like the anti-T/T throughout this story.

MUCH LOVE for reviews.

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