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Review:megthechef43 says:

I read this quite some time ago but life has been crazy for me lately and my time on HPFF has been limited but I had to review this chapter because as always it was a beautifully written piece of work. It is a wonderful addition to the amazing collection you have already posted for us on this site. I loved this chapter as much as I have the rest of the story.

I love the insight into Hermione's part of the story in the very beginning of this chapter. It showed her fears and worries and how they are effecting her. It was great to read that she is constantly worried about her parents which I think would play heavily on her mind while she wasn't around to protect them. We are starting to see the beginnings of her plans for her parents start to play out in her mind. I loved that she had intended to have a vigil for the three people she cared most for and her worries. I'm glad that we are seeing that Harry and Ron weren't always in the forefront of her thoughts.

I loved Hermione's reaction to Draco getting in the tub with her. I was laughing out loud the first time I read this with the mental image of the soap dripping from his wand. It also show his character in more ways than one. It showed that in his life he always has to be on guard and watch his back but he was also going to protect Hermione if he needed to. It was a great start to this chapter!

I could just see how Draco begging in a prideful way for her to trust him for a hour. It was a sweet moment. This whole scene was a sweet moment for Hermione and Draco. My heart nearly melted when he first said "If you were mine." OMG My heart was pounding and my breath was taken away as I rapidly read on to read her respond. I was literally a puddle once I finished reading this chapter with all the loving tenderness they showed each other through out the chapter. I wanted to cry when Draco saw her reaction to him not having the Dark Mark on his arm. My heart was breaking for him. I want to scream out for him to tell her. She would still love him but he has to be honest!!! It was killing me!! And mercy me when he started talking about not ruling out other guys and he wants her to find another love. My heart is in a million and one pieces on the ground because I know that is not what he truly wants and that is for sure not what she wanted to hear from him after having such an amazing hour with him. I wanted to box him in the ears for saying it. Grrr.. But on the other hand Draco knows it can't ever happen for them and so he is trying to be selfless but it's hurting her. And I wanted to cry at Draco's thoughts when he was leaving the bathroom. She could trust him because his mission was forced upon him!! I know he can't see that but she would!!

The interact between Blaise and Draco was the cherry on top of this perfectly wonderful chapter. It was heartbreaking and beautiful all at the same time. I can't wait to read what you have in store of us with the next chapter!!

Until next time...


Author's Response: Oh, my Meg,
As you are well aware, I completely understand not being able to spend as much time as we like on this site. The reading, the reviewing, the writing, the forums too. There is just not enough time in the day to indulge. I am shamefully behind in this story in particular. Thank you so much for coming back again and again.

Yes, Hermione has her worries and her fears and Harry and Ron are not the only ones that she holds dearly. There are places at Hogwarts that remind me of a grand cathedral (the high ceilings, the carvings and arches, the windows, the Great Hall) so a vigil for loved ones seems okay to me. And given that so many don't think of Dramione as believable, this is part of my way of giving him good reasons to love her. It is a display of great caring on her part and he recognizes that the 3rd candle is for him. It MEANS a great deal to him.

This story is so serious that I couldn't help but to give them a bit of fun. I'm sure folks would complain of it being a bit cliche with him dunking her and all, but if I just let them sit there staring at each other, it wouldve been a missed opportunity to have fun, (a rare instance in my story). Bubbles dripping from his wand would make anyone witnessing it laugh. Hermione needed to laugh and he needed to hear her adorable giggling. I'm so glad to make you laugh as well. It seems I've been making quite a few readers cry lately with my sad stories. And yes, it does show him as a person who watches his back.

And oh. "Trust me for an hour?" and "If you were mine." I was hoping that both little sentences would overflow with depth and meaning. Especially the last. They cannot be together, but he confesses what he would do if she were his. Oh, how she would be loved and spoiled and taken as his own. He wants her so very badly! Gah! So sad, but wonderful at the same time.

And him witnessing her relief and elation at not seeing his mark... He knows what it would do to her and he is so FEARFUL. And she just confirmed it to him with her reaction. : (

He wants her to be happy and knows he is not what is good for her at all. In his mind, he is a bad person with Dark plans and she must not know the truth. He is trying to be realistic in their relationship. It is not going to happen no matter their true feelings. And she knows he doesnt want to say those things. She knows by the way he holds her so close. Ah, tragic romance. I am addicted to such things.

I'm glad you liked the bit with Blaise, who is every bit a Pureblood. But even he couldn't help but be a bit jealous of Draco bathing with a girl, even if it was just Mudblood Granger. Definitely one for the Bucket List. Tee hee. He is a man in every typical sense, but is a true friend for keeping Draco's most deep and personal secrets.

Every review you write is near and dear to my heart, Meg. You are a true inspiration in helping me, lending me the confidence to keep moving until the end.

Thank you dearly,
Dark Whisper

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