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Review:Dezire_427 says:
You know that feeling that you get, when you read the words 'the end' at the end of an amazing, incredible, heart touchingly unforgettable story. In short, the feeling that you might've gotten when you read 'all was well' at the end of Deathly Hallows. The simultaneosly heart breaking and smile bringing moment, because I story you've loved and seen grow has just ended, but the beloved characters have just have their happily ever after. It is indescribable really, and it is what I felt when I read these last few paras. I smile, a little sad, a little happy, because this incredible journey, this amazingness that is Finding Faith, has ended, and I feel like crying because it, everything was just so goddamn beautiful.

Faith has come a full circle, truly. And yes, I will always call her 'Faith' from now on. Val is a pretty name, but really, Faith is nice-sounding too. I feel so very happy for her. The thing you mentioned about the titles, I thought it must be intentional, but all the same, even though it wasn't, it was still pretty neat. You pulled a J.K. Rowling here, like Harry had been an orphan after the first war, and Teddy was an orphan too, after the second. You've brought the life of Faith Sullivan full circle, the perfect ending to a perfect story, and I will always love you for that.

There are too many things in this chapter that I can comment upon, but teuly, I will only be repeating what you very skillfully wrote. Suffice to say, i'm glad. Glad Faith's smiling again, and is truly happy, and for herself. She is a remarkable character you've created, and she deserves her happiness, and of course, James. And because she found her hapiness again, can I hug her too?

When you said in a response you had things planned out for the wedding, I knew there was going to be a kiss. But I thought it was going to be all soft and smooth and under the moonlight stuff. I'm chuffed at how Val took control, the entire description, and the catcalls that followed. It was gre- HOLY MERLIN, I JUST REALIZED WHAT I HAD BEEN GOING ON ABOUT! VAL AND JAMES KISSED! I DON'T THINK I COULD BE ANY MORE EXITED THAN I AM RIGHT NOW!

...Except that I am. There's still and epilouge to follow, right. I wait eagerly for it. You're right, this may be the perfect end to their beautiful story, but technically, some bit of it remains. I am so eager for it, because if I coyld, I would never let this storu end. But you know what they say, All good things have to end one day, otherwise, they lose their charm. I don't think rhat could specifically apply to Finding Faith, however, because, let's face it, I don't think I could ever loose its charm. Nor is it just 'good'. It's exeptional.

Love and those chocolate-chip cookies you once asked more of for,

P.S. Can we expect a bit of the epilouge from Jame's POV? I'd love to hear what he has to say about Faith's transformation.
P.P.S. This review was about 3000 words. I belive my longest yet. My fingers hurt, but I don't mind, it's for my favouritest author in the entire universe.

Author's Response: My story has just been compared to the ending of Deathyly Hallows. This may be the single greatest moment in my life as an author. Because you just - and I can't even - I can't believe - I mean - I - asdfjkl; Thank you.

I'm really quite glad that you're calling her Faith now. Because in my head, that's what I'm calling her, too. It's kind of a representation of her growth as a character, and even as a person. She started off as Tina - an innocent, almost naivee girl with no real idea of the hardships of life. Then she became Val - someone that was so consumed by her own sadness that she could barely even function. But now she's Faith - someone who has overcome so much in her life, but can still be happy despite it all.

Faith appreciates the hug, though she's still slightly baffled as to why people keep doing this.

Romantic kiss for Val/Faith and James? Psh, no! How about a kiss which Faith unexpectedly springs on James, mere seconds after calling him stupid. AND YES. THEY KISSED. THEY FINALLY KISSED.

Part of me considered just leaving the story there and letting everyone else assume the rest, but I decided to give it a little something. Nothing big - not a 19 year gap or anything - but just something to show how everyone is doing.

Yay cookies! And love, of coures. Both are entirely wonderful in their own way.


P.S. The epilogue, I'm afraid, is going to be solely from Faith's perspective. BUT, I've had this idea for a sort of missing moments thing where I would write little extras from Finding Faith. Stuff like a scene that never made it into the story or scenes that were in the story, but told from someone else's POV, that kind of thing. I could certainly put a "James reaction to Faith's change" thing in there. In fact, I think I will. So be on the look out for that.
P.P.S It WAS quite a long review - thank you! Rest those fingers, though! You need them.

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