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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:
This chapter got me wondering if Voldemort's interest in getting the Potters on his side is mostly because of the prophecy. It got me to remembering how keen Bellatrix was to offer up her nephew for the Dark Lord's services, how she would have readily sacrificed any of her own children to him if given the chance. Maybe Voldemort wanted the Potters on his side, at least towards the end, because he thought they would have handed over Harry much easier if they were on his side. He's used to people giving him everything just short of their souls, after all. It would probably even make sense to him, since he can't understand love, that James and Lily would want to do anything possible to spare their own lives. Surrendering a baby would seem like small potatoes, a necessary sacrifice. The Longbottoms defied him three times, too, so it would be doubly infuriating to him, and all that he cannot comprehend, to be refused by both families.

James's fear for Lily's safety in this chapter absolutely broke my heart. :( Here they are, just moving into another complex, just finished up with the nursery, and they have to move again. I really hate Voldemort. In my mind, before this story, I always thought that the Potters just materialized in Godric's Hollow at the beginning, that they were always there, but I very much prefer this interpretation of how things happened. It makes the fear more powerful, the dangers more serious, to have them go to Godric's Hollow as a final precaution rather than something that just happened by chance. The moving around, all the while very aware of the threat looming over their heads, makes me feel so nervous for them because I know that their precautions are for naught. I would give anything in the world by now for this to go AU and for the Potters to not die. I do not know how I'm going to deal with that. It was easy to accept it in the books because it was ancient history, something that had to have happened, that happened long ago. But here, living it right now in minute detail, with charged emotions and after getting to know these characters so well, I REALLY, REALLY do not want it to happen. I cannot. I cannot deal with that. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE JAMES HER BEST FRIEND. I SORT OF HATE YOU RIGHT NOW. I NEVER CARED EITHER WAY ABOUT HIM BEFORE BUT NOW HE'S REAL AND I'M ATTACHED AND GAHHH. -rips out hair-

Stupid Travers, I'd like to punch him in the face. Bellatrix's characterization was spot-on, of course. Everything was wonderfully written and horrible, horrible, horrible because of things and D: D: D: I am very distressed. I want to protect them all. The only silver lining is that Severus's loyalty has wavered just a smidge because of Voldemort's focus on the Potters, and what James's refusal must mean. Their implications that he'd signed his own death certificate, and his closeness to Beth, and how this would affect Beth, is the only reason why Severus cares. But the fact that he cares at all is what separates him from these monsters.



Author's Response: It's a very interesting view on the Potters, that. And I think in a large part, it's really accurate. The Potters and the Longbottoms both were unfortunate enough, in an ironic way, to be very good at what they do, and as a result they were more well-known to others -- and by extension, to Voldemort, who might have seen them as targets just because he knew who they were. Which makes me wonder what might have happen, if he'd hidden himself away in a hole somewhere and never ventured out into the world to check out his targets. Who would he have gone after then? Oh, James and Lily. I am now so depressed because /it did not have to be them/, and their fate was decided almost on a whim. So dejected right now.

One of my favorite parts of these posted chapters is James's reaction when he thinks Lily's dead -- I know what I am, I KNOW, but he's so distraught and close to breaking and he just can't handle knowing that he might have lost both her and his son or daughter. My heart is ripping again, but aaargh. ♥ Only imagine that heart's cracked in two. Godric's Hollow is looked at by both of them as their Eden, and that really sucks, because Adam and Eve get kicked out of Eden. Which is a weird allusion to make. It's too early in the morning. I KIND OF HATE MYSELF FOR MAKING JAMES SO IMPORTANT TO BETH TOO, THOUGH, BECAUSE NOW I AM EQUALLY ATTACHED AND I DON'T WANT TO STOP WRITING HIM.

I'll just stop writing this story right now, and James and Lily won't die, and Sirius won't go to Azkaban. But then there are other depressing issues that would hang in the balance. Why do I do this to my characters. Poor dears.

I did not even realize how distressing this chapter was until your review of it. D: We will get through this together. With lots and lots of coffee and pumpkin pie and other things we can use to get chubby. WOO, CHUBBINESS. And there goes Severus again, actually having human feelings, and now I'm slowly dying in the middle of government lecture. H e l p ~

I am sorry for putting you such misery. I LOVE YOU, IF THAT HELPS.

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