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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:
"Yes," he said quietly. "But Beth?" She looked up at him, holding her breath without being quite aware of it. "I don't want you to feel like anything you tell me - anything you ever tell me - is a waste of time."


In case you can't read yeti-speak, that means 'excitement is occurring in muchos abundance'. From the second Severus showed up outside, I was grinning. I love their little moments, how they steal them whenever they get a spare moment. The way that they meet really underlines how dangerous their relationship is, too. Like, it would seem weird now to actually see them on a real date or something, sitting in a restaurant across from each other while making idle chitchat or going to a Quidditch match (each of them probably rooting for opposing teams). Or whatever it is magical people do on their dates. Severus and Beth's 'normal' is a quick conversation on a dark sidewalk somewhere. Which is crazy but so appropriate for their respective lifestyles, which are so incredibly similar and also so incredibly different. If that makes any sense at all.

I wish they could have a little bit more normalcy in their romantic lives, just because I feel sorry for them. They must be masochists for choosing to like people who will only make their lives more dangerous (lulz, and now I can see you ALL OVER this story; someday you are probably going to fall in love with a dictator or something). It's so sad that Severus can't do any of the ordinary things like just showing up on her doorstep in the middle of the afternoon with a bouquet of roses, that they can't go out on double dates with their friends. But the fact that they can't do these ordinary things makes me love them more, and believe in whatever it is they feel for each other (I am dying to see a declaration of love, absolutely dying, you have no idea). They have to work ten times as hard to keep their relationship alive, when it's barely even a relationship and they are both walking extremely narrow tightropes. So these fleeting moments are that much more meaningful. They are concentrated meaningfulness.

I am endlessly relieved that things are getting back to normal with Sirius. His letter made me laugh (I LOVE THAT MAN, I DO. I REQUEST MORE OF HIM VERY SOON.). Promising to make fun of her parents in all the right places, looking in the mirror for signs of being cursed. It was the perfect way to end the chapter - lighthearted in Sirius's signature way. He has a gift for changing the tone to be however he wants - which of course is you behind the keyboard, making me giddy every time I see his name. By the time we got to Beth sticking out her tongue at a bird, I was in an exceptionally chipper mood. I love how you made the buoyancy of the story move up in gradual increments throughout the chapter, moving up from the frustration/anger/resentment of the last chapter.

Are you tired of hearing me yap about this story yet?

Author's Response: Now, silly me, I thought that was banshee-speak. :3 I can't possibly imagine why you're excited, UNLESS IT'S BECAUSE SEVERUS IS ACTUALLY ALMOST SAYING WHAT HE'S FEELING FOR ONCE. I can't even imagine the pair of them on a real date; any semblance of normalcy in their lives is pretty much out the window, just because situations are what they are and they basically suck. Which is really horrible, when I stop and think about it; I would hate that so much. So, naturally, I subject one of my characters to it. AWESOME.

And yet, their normal is so abnormal, and they make it work, you know? (I WILL NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH A DICTATOR. I JUST HAPPEN TO LIKE SAD STORIES.) I am doing internal pirouettes at your comment about believing in what they have for each other, though -- and there IS something there, most definitely. It's one thing for me to sit here and tell you all that Severus likes Beth and Beth likes Severus, but I want you to know it, too. ♥ You are the best.

Sirius will of course continue to crop up hither and thither, being delightfully sarcastic, as normal! I do think that I use him to relieve a bit of the tension, because between this and Break Out (I think I was writing Break Out at this point, anyway), I really could have been mired down in dark and slightly depressing stories. And then Sirius pops in and is all HAY GUISE LET'S HAVE BONDING TIME and things are, for the moment, all right again.

I will never grow tired of you and your reviews and your stories. Trufax.

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