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Review:water_lily43175 says:
Oh, Tobias, you are too proud! Just let someone mend your darn leg before you lose it altogether, foolish boy.

Frustratingly, Harrigan does indeed seem like a nice enough guy. More frustratingly still, he's offering Tobias a job which he REALLY shouldn't take. Tanith probably half-expects Tobias to carry on at the Ministry IF Kingsley wins the election, but she's surely clinging to the faint hope that if Harrigan wins, he'll get a different job with better working hours for them both. This ... could end badly. In fact, knowing you I expect it WILL.

Cal/Tobias chat. YES. Not liking the way that Toby just talked about Tanith there. SHE'S YOUR GIRLFRIEND MAN, HAVE SOME RESPECT.

Cal's trouble here is that whoever he asks, impartial opinion or not, is going to say that this is a bad idea. Because EVERYONE has their own reason for hating Thanatos. Except perhaps Gabe, whose advice would actually be quite interesting because I'm not sure what he'd say. Probably that Cal should do what he wants to do and not what anyone else says, which in a way would be good advice... But I hate the idea of Cal having anything to do with the man, it will only end in tears.

I LOVE Toby here. "You have a father, his name is Will Rayner". YES.

Toby needs to TALK to someone about what he's been through. Heck, they all do. I've been saying it about Tanith, but they're near enough all struggling. And that's the thing with Gannifer; they TALK about stuff. That's the only way things are going to get better for them.

Oh, Tobias, you fool. You utter fool.

Tanith massage. Learned from David? SO MANY SECRETS.

Author's Response: He's getting better. This is his first proper visit to the hospital in months, but yes, he IS suffering quite a bit for the sake of his pride. It's not easy for him to say "I need help". Baby steps. Harrigan's a nice enough guy; it's politics, beliefs don't always inform the personality and I didn't want to demonise him. But he is a wee bit more old-fashioned and conservative. Kingsley's definitely the progressive, which one might argue is best for a post-war society to make sure it moves on. In this leftie's honest opinion. ;)

Pretty much got it in one with Tanith. She's no fool and knows Tobias is stuck into his work for more than the temporary. But she's had no reason to suspect, if Kingsley LOSES, he'd stay in government. So that one would come out of left field.

I think I have poorly phrased Toby's comment about Tanith. His coldness is meant to be towards Cal, not about her; he's being a bit of a berk but it's more that the topic of Thanatos makes him deeply uncomfortable, and his knee-jerk reaction is to not have a lot of patience for Cal feeling torn on the issue - his knee-jerk reaction is, "it's not complicated". So he refers Cal to Tanith to kick him in the rear, because Tanith's good at it, but it's more him saying Cal needs a kick in the rear than a slight on Tanith. Wordy explanation for a single sentence. But he's being a jerk to Cal, not about his girlfriend. IF THAT MAKES IT BETTER.

And yeah, Cal wasn't expecting much balance from Toby - but they've NEVER Talked about it. If Cal's to reflect on his Thanatos issues, he kind of HAS to do it now or he really is just hiding. As for what Gabe might think? Read on...

Toby does better than most at talking about what he's been through. But that's weirdly one thing he and Tanith could bond further over; they've both been horribly wronged by Thanatos Brynmor. And you're right about Gannifer; they TALK. Throughout this fic, I'd find myself writing a scene of people, usually T/T, being dysfunctional, then move onto a Gannifer scene - and they'd do practically the same thing, but healthy (and yet, I like to think, still interesting. Somehow. How they do that?). It was an entertaining juxtaposition for writing, hope it works in the reading.

Toby IS Silly. And, yep, David-taught massage tricks. 'cos I'm like that. Thanks for reviewing!

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