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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:

Lee was perfect. You know just as much as I do how little face time he gets in fanfiction, so it's lovely to see him front and center in this chapter with his unlit cigar, doling out cards. You wrote their boys night magnificently, which is important to include in a story that half-centers on a young man; it could not have been a simple feat for you and I admire your ability to get inside a bunch of male heads so seemingly effortlessly. Ron whining about his nagging mum, but reluctant to move out because he would have to cook for himself, made me laugh. Geoffrey was a nice addition, too. But you continue to make George one of my favorite fanfiction characters ever because of the way you write him - part canon perfection and part Melissa's-canon, because you've evolved him and made him even better. It will be impossible for me to go back to the actual books without thinking of this story: Marlow the macaw when Zonko is mentioned, Indira when Lee is mentioned, and George getting this deal from Zonko and chewing it over, not jumping in all the way like Fred might have. I like that he's taking his time to consider it thoroughly before signing up, because that displays how he's matured, how serious he is about his business. Even in a business about jokes! It's seriously brilliant. It's exactly as he should be.

The occasional feels about Fred hit me right in the gut, I will have you know. They were well-timed and just fleeting enough to be a nod to his honor but not so long that it would bog George down. I can't imagine having to walk that tightrope but you do it wonderfully. It's the perfect balance.

Also, I really appreciate your details about the shop. It would be so easy to just focus on George/Angelina but this story is all-encompassing; you include details about everything, which makes it so much easier to feel like I'm there. Your inclusion of the interns and their various jobs, and the merchandise and money and paperwork and everything, is so neat and organized and realistic. I just love those details. You remind us that running a business is rewarding but it needs a lot of maintenance to continue being a well-oiled machine. George's personality is so compatible with this lifestyle, which becomes increasingly evident due to your excellent characterization of him. And the slow-burning evolution of his relationship with Angelina is like the cherry on top. You write it so well that I can't tell when they stopped becoming just friends and started blossoming into this couple. I love it.

I have nothing but praise for this story.

Author's Response: SARAH. THIS REVIEW ♥

So as per usual, I've save answering your review until last of the group I'm working on. I don't know why, (probably b/c you're amazesauce) but I always get all babbly and nonsensical when I read your reviews (more so than usual). So, bare with me. :)

Lee ♥ I really adore him, I don't know if you can tell... but I sort of based the entire first scene off of an image in my mind of him chewing on a cigar dealing playing cards. (that scene didn't even exist in my outline! craziness) It was sort of fun to be inside a bunch of guys heads for a while and to imagine what they did and said when no lady-folk were around. Mr Zonko is cray cray for shizzle, but so, so much fun to write. It's sort of liberating to have a character that can do or say anything without a real, motivating reason to do so. Annnd Fred. :( I will never forgive JKR. neva eva, bitter 5eva... but hopefully it's evident how the mentions of Fred have changed in context as George goes through the healing process.

Gahhh. How do I even respond to some of the things you say!!? The fact alone that you'll take a piece of this world with you to the canon books like blows my mind. My heart is melting and is on the floor and I am ded. That literally may be the kindest compliment that I've ever been paid.

Sarah, you're seriously one of my favorite authors on HPFF and I can't even begin to tell you how much your kindness and enthusiasm towards this story means to me.

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