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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:


All of my theories, lol. I can't believe I never...gahhh!! But of course that's why Voldemort's bleeding. He's got a bunch of dead blood in him. I just...GAHHH!! That is brilliant stuff, Rachel! So, so in awe right now.

The revelation at the end of the chapter is totally eclipsing everything I was going to say, which I'm going to try to remember: You make me love the Weasleys more than ever. Seriously. And because I'm annoying, I'm going to list all the little bits I liked. :3 I loved Percy asserting himself, out of place though he must feel when he hasn't been on speaking terms with his family in years until very recently. Bill, George, and Ron were going to be allowed into the room, so by God he was going to stay there, too. Good for him! And I was just beaming when Arthur said that yes, he was going to stay. Their family has been broken up enough already, thank you very much, and ostracizing one of their sons, overlooking his value and any potential input he might have to offer, is a mistake the Weasleys cannot afford to make. I'm so glad that happened. ♥

Okay, so this is what my brain looks like when I'm reading this story:
Ron says something: Omg I love Ron. He's my favorite Weasley.
George raises an eyebrow: Omg I love George. Favorite Weasley by far. Definitely.
Arthur is downtrodden after watching Charlie being tortured: Okay he's my number one Weasley, no doubt about it.

Draco was scummy but also a bit eye-opening, and for the first time in this story I'm feeling a little bit of pity for him. I loved the detail about how Ron initially thought for a second that the cloak was unicorn blood. What a genius little detail that was. *insert little green face from skype here*

My heart broke when Arthur told Ron not to tell his mother about Charlie. And then the paragraph where you discussed all of the ways everyone was looking at Ron - which Seamus obviously wanting to talk about what they'd just done on the mission, and Bill and George waiting for him to lose it, and Slughorn's pity, and Molly's tears that somehow embarrassed him, and I'm sorry I always regurgitate stuff on you but ~ ~

But most of all, I love how you ended the chapter on a note of hope, of this amazing twist in the story that literally made me gasp out loud. I love it when stories make me have actual physical reactions, and your stories always seem to be the ones that get that out of me.

So. Totally. Invested. in what happens next. I'm hoping this gives Hermione the spark of hope she needs to persevere. Knowing that Voldemort is terrified to touch her makes my heart leap with pride for Harry Potter, the boy still defeating Voldemort even after his death, even after Voldemort thought he'd won.


Author's Response: EEE, YOU ARE THE LITERAL BEST. ♥ I'm so glad that you seem to think that theory makes sense! It didn't take me a long time to come up with but it was surprisingly complex to explain away all the things that J.K. Rowling brilliantly interwove into her storyline, because she did it too well for me to hope to fix it. Which makes me indebted to you even more, of course. I AM A MELTED PUDDLE OF AFFECTION.

I absolutely adore writing the Weasleys, and I don't even know where it came from, but I have ALWAYS written them, in looking back: Fred/Rachel, Charlie/Rachel, Ron/Hermione, Draco/Ginny... there is almost always a Weasley in my major stories (except, oddly enough, Sneth, but that's an anomaly). They are without a doubt my very, very favorite fictional family, and I think it's because there's so much to explore there. The Weasleys, while all being characterized by red hair and freckles and what have you, are such a diverse and interesting bunch, and they all bring something to the proverbial table.

Percy-bits can now be thought of as being written for you, in humble exchange for more Percy/Audrey goodness. ♥ Which I saw you updated, by the way, and that's all that is getting me through studying for my mass communications midterm tonight! Woo!

Notes of hope are some of the most important bits in this story, I think, just because... well, this story needs them. DID YOU REALLY GASP ALOUD. I am seriously just in awe. Like. Your opinion means worlds to me, you know that, right? I can't even fathom eliciting those reactions from you.

LOVE YOU!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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