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Review:CambAngst says:
Hi, there! Hope I was early enough with this to help you get to your 666th review by Halloween. But, I was planning to come back and read some more anyway, so if I missed out, I guess I can deal.

This chapter was so full of awkward. Awkward conversations, awkward moments. awkward realizations... just lots of awkward. And you do awkward very well. I loved the way that you filled in all the awkward silences -- another distinct flavor of awkward -- with Lexi's inner monologue. The girl has a very quick wit, although she doesn't let it out all the time. For his part, Al handles himself far better than expected, I think.

I'm still getting my head around the idea of Theo Nott living in a muggle neighborhood and loving his TV, phone and microwave. That could be a bigger change for him than going to work for the Shacklebolt Ministry and becoming civil with Harry Potter. Lexi is definitely daddy's little girl, I don't care what she's convinced herself of. The true colors come out with the chips are down and she is totally cementing that position in her dad's heart right now.

It's sort of interesting that they decide to confront their families separately and that the main argument in favor of handling things that way is expediency. I can completely understand Al not wanting to be around when Lexi tells her father and apparently especially her brother. Don't mess with those gay lawyers, because they will mess you up! The whole clan gathering at the Nott house seemed pretty well done to me.

By virtue of the things I've written and read, I've become a big Astoria fan, so I like the fact that you've made her much more of a motherly figure than her sister. That's how I think of her, as well. Wow, her father really doesn't get on with her mother, does he? I'm very intrigued to find out why that's the case. And from the sound of things, I will.

Wow, the wheels sure come off quickly when her brother finds out who the father is. And Lexi obviously isn't a big fan of her mother either. Burn! So who is VPBC? Did I miss something somewhere along the way? Or is this a detail that's to be revealed?

This chapter read really fast, I thought. To the point where I think I would have preferred you to slow things down a bit once the family starts to gather at the Nott home. If you had spent a little more time letting Lexi dwell on her anxiety or obsess over small details to try to keep her mind off of things, I think the pace would have been a little better. You also could have invested a little more time in her explanation, either in the dialog or the narrative that surrounds it, because it sounded a bit fragmented. Overall, I think Lexi just didn't feel all that nervous to me, whereas I'm certain that she was incredibly nervous.

You have a very enjoyable story going on here and trust me, I will be back soon to see how Al wound up on the floor!

Author's Response: Hey.

Theo's neighborhood was a Wizarding town centuries before, and over time, Wizards left and Muggles came. But the Nott's never moved from Nott Manor, it was ignored, and when Theo inherited it, he had a year of knowledge for Muggle technology, particularly the TV because he used it during the war to keep tabs on the Death Eaters (at least, my version of Theo did. I know other people write him differently). The TV, phone and microwave are things he's come to love and are the only things he knows how to use, he learnt while he stayed away from the war (he stayed in England). By the time he decided to join the Ministry, he was already quite used to using them, so that was his biggest issue. I hope that paints a better picture of Theo. As the story is about Al, Lexi and the pregnancy, Theo's life back then only comes in bits. :)

LOL. Kieron is just very protective of Lexi, more of that will be known at some point. But he is a lawyer, he knows how to get away with... Things. Al doesn't wanna mess with him. ;)

I love Astoria and this is how I see her, always will. So, yay, I'm glad. You'll see more of Astoria.

No. Theo and Kieron not liking Daphne is a whole other story. Lexi's reasons are not so bad, there are reasons, but mostly it's because she's looking out for Kieron like he has always done for her.

You have to keep an eye on Kieron. He's fast. ;) VPBC means Vice President of the Bubblehead Clan, it's only been briefly mentioned so far. More will come. :)

I tried to slow things down at the confrontation without changing how I wanted Alexa to tell them, but it didn't seem to want to. :P She has a habit of just blurting it out. Blurting things out will happen more than once. :P

She was nervous, throughout the whole thing, focusing on Kieron going after Albus was easier to deal with, especially with her mother there and her father not moving to help. She may have not been able to stop it if she'd allowed herself to stop.

Thank you. :)


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