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Review:caoty says:
Me again. Brace yourself for the anticlimax, especially since I'm not sure how many months it's been since I last read a fic with Harry in it.

So I'm lying in bed with Victorian novel disease and this actually helped to cheer me up a bit, so well done you.

Ron is lovely in this fic. I liked him with Hermione and the awkward-yet-nice family dynamic they've got with his parents here, with the whole "you're gonna have babies soon!" thing and this line:
>He felt an odd sort of anxiety looking at his wife, as though eye contact might result in an unplanned pregnancy.
That was a fun mental image. Imagine if that really happened... O.o
I mean I know this fic is not about Ron at all, but I've got a soft spot for him, and... erm, yeah.

Anyway. Moving on. I'd have never have thought of the press turning up - how optimistic I am - but you and your OC have handled it well, so you've got that realism without letting go of the story. If that makes any sense at all. Honestly, I'd be surprised if it did.

Ginny and Harry are all kinds of adorable in this one, even if I usually ship Ginny/Luna and Ginny/Fleur and Ginny/Pansy and basically have her in my mind as a complete and utter lesbian. I can see why you ship Hinny (God, isn't that an awful name). I think it's safe to say that I wouldn't mind if you decided to become a romance writer.

But: gross is an Americanism & your Ginny uses it a lot. It was a bit distracting.

And you really shouldn't talk about your fic in your Author's Note as being your latest because you update so often by the time you've got upwards of three reviews you've written something else entirely. :P

Author's Response: Well, you know that I live to cheer you up, my friend!

The more I thing about this review, the better I feel. If the only two things you could take issue with were one word that's overly American and the content of the author's note, I must have done pretty well. As far as "gross" being overly American, what's your suggested replacement? Come on, now, you can't point out a problem that simple without telling me how to fix it!

The press has hounded Harry for most of his life since age 11, so I don't see why they would stop just because the war was over.

I love writing Ron. When I first started CoB, it was honestly very intimidating. It's hard to capture that essential... Ron-ness. To get that little bit of selfishness and immaturity that goes along with this very loyal, salt-of-the-earth kind of guy. And to not strand him in the Second Banana Zone behind Harry and Hermione. But the more I wrote him, the more I started to enjoy it. He's a lot of fun.

OK, if you ship Ginny with all of these other characters, why have we not seen this on your author's page? Because all of those sound like very interesting pairings. Pansy, especially. I really want to know how you get that one to work. And I completely loathe combo-names for ships like Hinny, Snily and the granddaddy of all awful ship names, Dramione. That turns me off as much as people who use the term "Wotter" in Next Gen fics. OK, it actually doesn't. Nothing turns me off as much as Wotter. Instant click on the Back button.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, at any rate. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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