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Review:Athene Goodstrength says:
Well JChrissy, you little I am. I had a little peek at the other reviews on this story, and I saw a couple mentioning me- saying that I was a lucky girl to have this written for me. Theyíre quite right. But my luck doesnít stop there (this is about to get soppy)... Iím SO lucky to have a friend like you. Real internet friends donít come along often, but when they do - they should all be like you. Youíre so encouraging, so funny, and I always look forward to your replies to my messages, even when Iím just moaning about work! Haha. So, thank you. For that and for this.

First off, if ever there was an opening passage to a story that says ďI AM GOING TO MAKE SARAH CRYĒ, this is it. A beautiful grave, which shouldnít have to be there... Fred, being close to home... The untold backstory of the Weasleys deciding where to bury him... Oh, man. Next, is it wrong that the image of Bill Weasley walking up a dewy hill in the morning, clutching a mug of tea in his big callous-y hands, probably wearing a chunky-knit sweater...maybe he has a Labrador now... uh... itís kind of attractive. I know, I know, heís visiting his little brotherís grave. But still. What is WRONG with me?! I love the idea of the Weasleys helping to clear up Hogwarts, and Billís job makes so much sense. This is another of your little JK Genius moments. Of *course* Bill helps to clear the curses lingering around the village and the grounds. Duh. The line about the family being one of nine - no, eight... ugh! RIGHT IN THE FEELS! I know itís not the same (at all!) but after my dad left I kept going to set the dinner table for four, and having to quickly put back one plate, or one set of cutlery, when I realised what Iíd done was just a horrible feeling.

Now, Charlie. Phwoar. I can see why you like writing Charlie. I like reading him. Heís a bit rougher around the edges than his brothers, and seems particularly physical when you wedge him between elegant Bill and cerebral Percy (oh god, that looks like Ďcerebral palsyí). Whatís great about this section is that you take a character about whom we donít know loads, and show him having a one-sided conversation... and yet you give us a great idea of the relationship he had with Fred. Oh, and the mention of Tonks and Remus was wonderful.

Poor, poor Percy. These boys really are beating themselves up, arenít they? But I guess thatís a natural reaction to grief. But poor Percy - he actually does have something to feel bad about. Iím glad that Fred knew before he died that Percy had changed his mind and returned to the family. In fact, Fred, who was one of Percyís greatest critics, was the one to welcome him back into the fold. That just goes to show the love these Weasley kids have for each other. Itís really touching and sad that Percy visits in the dead of night, like he feels that he doesnít deserve to spend time with Fred. I love the touch of Audrey being the grief counsellor (you are such a clever missy) - so even though Percy is miserable and hates himself, we know he has happiness to come.

Oh, George. You know, I was almost dreading getting to his part when I first read this story. Not because I thought it would be bad(!) but because I knew it would be heart-breaking. And oh, it was. I donít know if you did this on purpose, but I noticed that George is the only one who doesnít speak out loud during his segment. He and Fred never had to speak to know exactly what the other was thinking. His pain is just too much to even articulate. The image of George curled around that stone is so incredibly moving, and real... Itís just SO SAD. How could JKR do that to him?! How could she kill off FRED?! Gahhh. ďThey should have tilted his lips up before they buried him, because Fred had to smileĒ - Good Lord, woman. What are you trying to do to me?! Oh wait, I know. Youíre trying to make me cry. Well, mission accomplished.

Two things made me particularly love your Ron section. One, heís eating. Hahaha! Two, heís there with Hermione. Thank you for that. Sheís such an important part of his life, and she loved Fred too.

I really like your Ginny. Iíve always thought that she was the most like Fred, out of all the siblings (except George of course!). She has his brains, his wit, and his sense of mischief. Your idea of her being angry at everyone, even Harry - itís really good. Your characterization of Harry, and of being Harryís (ever-patient) girlfriend, is great!

Harryís part is so lovely. I love that you havenít made him this tragic hero, or this adult who suddenly knows everything - heís growing up, but heís still Harry. And yes, heís still beating himself up a bit, but thatís the nature of our Harry. I think partly, being brought up by Vernon and Petunia, itís no wonder that he believes the worst of himself so easily. Bless him. Thatís why people like the Weasleys are so important to him.

Ah, and then thereís the mama and papa of them all. Iím glad you included them - but Iím also glad you waited until 12 years later. I donít think I could have handled Mr and Mrs Weasley in the midst of their fresh grief. Your description of Molly, and the image of them sitting there, and Arthur kissing her temple... Oh God, I love the Weasleys SO MUCH. Louis and Arthur working on car engines together is one of the most adorable things ever. Write more Weasleys, please? Shall I just give you GG to finish? :P

The final two lines of the story are so peaceful, beautiful, sad, happy. Youíve done a wonderful job with ALL of the Weasleys, and the imagery throughout this story was just perfect. Every scene looked different in my head, even though it was the same setting throughout. Iím so honoured that you wrote this for me. Itís brilliant. Thank you.

Author's Response: Okay. Fine. I'm FINALLY replying this. But I don't want to because I just want to stare at it in my unanswered reviews section ♥

Awww you're going to make me all fuzzy/feely. I'm happy I can make you smile, even if you're laughing at my desire to yell at my uterus :P. It seems so weird now on those rare occasions we get too busy to message back for a few days.. and I feel like your mother wanted to message you asking if you're lying in a ditch somewhere...:P

I'm so happy you picked up on the 8 not 9 line! Mainly because it was one of the more feelsy parts for me when writing this. Okay so this doesn't compare to your dad or Fred, but when I was younger one of our cats got eaten by a coyote (my parents live in the woods). And she was my cat! And I'd randomly be like, oh where's Kalevra? And then I'd remember she was gone. Again, nothing compared to losing a brother or having your dad leave... but it's still that same kind of, oh wait-- moment. And I can imagine it happened a lot after this :(.

Charlieee. He and Bill are (And I could damn near swear by this) the only two Weasleys I am EVERY writing again. The rest are two hard. But these two I can do a better job of getting inside their heads (I think) and we don't know so much about them, so I can create a bit along the way.

yes yes yes! I did do the George not speaking on purpose! At first I didn't plan it that way, and I started writing his section, and nothing he wanted to say felt natural for the exact reason you said. He never had to tell Fred what he was thinking. He never had to try and explain his own emotions. Fred would know, and I like that idea continuing even past his death. And it just felt more right. And bah. His section was super sad for me to write because really, he lost the most :(.

Ahhh Ron was my scariest. Because he couldn't be over feelsy or not feelsy enough and gah. It's Ron. I don't write Ron. I read about Ron from your awesome keyboard, so it was just scary. Ginny felt a bit more natural, probably because I didn't have to worry so much about making the pain as immediate. Harry turning out well is all thanks to Dan, haha. I don't even think I was going to include him until Dan bullied me into it.

You have no idea how much it means that you think I've handled this bunch well ♥ I'm so proud of us for stepping into new characters that we've never written before, to write for eachother. And I could have never written this without reading all your Weasley fics (I actually reread most of them during this to get inspiration, haha!)

I am just on cloud nine still about this review, and about the amazing Sirius you wrote for me ♥ ♥ and PS! You're such a wonderful friend ♥

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