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Review:Slide says:
Aw yeahh. Chapter chapter chapter. *bounces in eagerly* Oh GOOD, acknowledgement that Ginny rocks despite not playing internationally. Not that your Ginny has been anything but awesome, but though Ginny isn't a favourite of mine I get so over-protective of her due to fandom hate! Also for some reason I'm tipping my hat at correct use of possessive apostrophes on "writer's childrens'". You'd be surprised how easy it is to please me sometimes. BUT. Important stuff.

Hah. Sorry. Before important stuff, giggling at the author's rose-tinted glasses impression that Harry was a good student academically.

Oh yes. Daddy issues. Let's dig in. Wait, Carla's issues first. Okay, yes, if nothing else - history of persecution and social issues aside, not that they're easily pushed to one side, James has no real leg to stand on with how his family's fame should have guaranteed his romances would fall into the stage of public attention. Which DOES affect Carla, and she's well within her rights to be irked he didn't warn her. And that she'd find out and, hey, yes, lying isn't cool. She's angry but she's right to be, and she's right on the money with her accusations. Let's see how James copes.

Eeeshk. Okay, aside from his justifiable frustration at not being his own man, Not Cool for him to act as if Lily's better off than him. I mean, she's happy, she has a life, that's good - but it's not what she would have chosen, and I can only imagine the horror and heartbreak she went through, and how she has to compartmentalise her ENTIRE LIFE, being neither a full member of the Wizarding World and incapable of being a full member of the Muggle world - so, yeah, no love for that one, James. Even if it's just on this one issue, and I know he's irked and I'll forgive him soon enough, bad James. No biscuit.

Okay, that forgiveness was quick. Had to suck for an eleven year-old, and all the more love for Brigid and Ryan. And being hand-waved to good grades, Yowch. And all that - okay. Good reasons to be bitter, James. But, oh dear. I would imagine that Harry's more awkward and incapable, and likely gave Lily more attention because she needed reassurance, and Al the attention because he actually COULD help him with Auror stuff, whereas James has likely done fine by himself, to Harry's eyes, so he left him to it and now there's a rift fuelled by James' bitterness and Harry doesn't know how to fit it. That's my guess, anyway, which still makes Harry a bit of a pillock, just a believable pillock.

Oh - oh dear. 'Stupid fling.' Oh, oh dear, duck and cover. Yeahh, that wasn't going to go any differently after that point. Both of them being stressed and stupid and that's what happens under such circumstances. They're both wrong and they're both wronged and that's how it works. I'm not too worried, though; they wouldn't be the first people to say bad things in the heat of the moment and then move past it. Go forth, James! Go forth and celebrate and drown your sorrows!

Oh, look, it's a disaster on leggy legs. Fantabulous chapter.

Author's Response: Yes, we love Ginny! Although I'll admit, I used to hate Harry/Ginny. I love them now though - naturally, or I'd have split them up! ;)

BLEURGH apostrophes let's move on.

Oh, I reckon that the wizarding world would COMPLETELY fabricate Harry's academic history. Besides, he defeated Voldemort so he MUST have been a top student, right? Heck, back in the day Skeeter seemed to think he was top of the class. Before she decided she hated him, that is. Possibly the most frustrating thing for poor James; feeling as though he's overshadowed by an academic success that Harry never actually HAD.

Yup, Carla definitely has a MASSIVE point here. She's being gossiped about in the paper; she had a right to know about Harry and the connotations that his fame has. Course, James genuinely didn't know that she was being speculated over, but he should have realised that there was a very strong chance that this would be the case. Alas, he doesn't often think things through properly.

James ... is messed up. As you can now see. Underneath his exterior he's very insecure and resentful. In his eyes, Lily DOES have it better, because his issue is the attention he gets and the comparisons to Harry - and she gets none of it. And he sees that she's happy and coping with things, and so doesn't think about just how hard it IS for her, being a Squib. So it's an understandable feeling for him to have. As for the speculation on Harry's perspective ... you are partly right. Keep that all in mind. We'll get his side of things eventually. You may not think of him as quite so much of a pillock. :)

...disaster indeed. Thanks for reviewing!

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