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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:
Beth and Sirius are cut from the same cloth, it seems. Their parents are sort of the backbone of the Death Eaters' side of the war - even if they're not physically fighting, their support of the Death Eaters' ideals is nearly as bad as donning the masks themselves. I felt so awful for Beth here, and wanted to see her holler at her parents. They were so horrid!

I knew that there was no chance either of them would have made a turnaround and became lovely people, right at the outset, merely from the descriptions of the house. You can tell an awful lot about people just by the way their house is decorated. Even though Amelia doesn't live there anymore, her presence is still firmly ingrained in it after many years of being its mistress - as evidenced by the den. (Wonder why Calvin hasn't redecorated that room yet...come to think of it, I'll bet their romance would have been kind of interesting. A Gryffindor and a Slytherin...) When Calvin told Beth she was immature when in fact she was being the opposite of immature - standing up to her parents when she knew they were about to press her to be a different person - I was so angry with him.

I can't blame Beth for wanting to get out of there as quickly as possible. Calvin and Amelia are so pretentious that they don't even ask to come visit Beth; instead they have to sit together all formally in a little room with tea, pretending that they are better than everyone else in the world.

And Calvin's study! I'm so curious about that. I mean, he treated her like such a child when he told her she wasn't allowed in there, even though she wasn't little anymore. Really makes me wonder what he's hiding. I agreed with her thoughts about how Sirius could have made it fun somehow. If Sirius had hung around, he would have undoubtedly found something, I think. But since his parents are just like Beth's, he might've used them as surrogates and yelled a lot or something.

I halfway expected to find her parents dead in there, just because of how eerie it was from the outside, so dark and quiet - almost like a mausoleum. Or I thought that maybe it would be a trap from the Death Eaters to lure her there and try to get information out of her. I never know what's going to happen in this story!

She totes should have told her mother that she was in love with a Death Eater. It might have been Amelia's proudest moment. A divorced woman who seems too cold for love, volunteering to set up her daughter with someone. Snort.

And suddenly Beth's love for a Slytherin makes even more sense. It's like her parents in reverse! And even though she's nothing like her mother on the surface, she can't deny having small traits of a Slytherin inherited from her mother - keeping secrets, putting her trust into a man who runs with Muggle-killers, etc. But then again there's so much goodness in her that it's no wonder why her feelings are always so much at war. She's got bipolar consciences - one who wants what she wants, no matter the cost, and one who fights against the Death Eaters with the Order. She's just endlessly fascinating to me. I'll bet you're tired of hearing me talk about her characterization.

Fabulous chapter, of course. ♥

Author's Response: I did try to make a parallel between Beth and Sirius there! I think one of the more interesting things I've discovered is that Beth has a lot of ties to all the canon characters (oh good grief, let's pretend that didn't sound smug). She's got a family situation like Sirius's, but also like Severus's, and I somehow feel that her moral code is a lot like James's. But she's also a bit like Remus in how quiet she is. Maybe that's why I like writing her so much: She's a balance! Climbing down off my analytical pedestal now. (Their supporting of the Death Eaters, though, keep that in mind...)

I like your comment that you can tell a lot about a person from their house, because it wasn't really a conscious thing, tying their house to their personalities... but it does say a lot about Beth's parents. In my head it's this really austere don't-touch place, and that's very much who they are: Austere don't-touch people. GOOD CALL, PAL. ♥ Part of me feels bad at making Beth cop out of the meeting so early, and part of me knows I wouldn't last two seconds in that room. Calvin and Amelia are basically two of the biggest villains in this story, Death Eaters excepted. I actually kind of want to write a Sirius interaction with them now, because not going to lie, that would be fun. Ah, but how to work that in... Well, that's definitely a consideration.

But seriously. You could write this story, at this point. That's how much of you there is in here.

Oh my gosh, though, can you just imagine how Amelia would have taken that. Or the kind of person she would set Beth up with?! I'm never going to get out of writing this story, there's all sort of little sidetracks and plotty things. What have I done to myself. (So, so glad that you see a lot of Slytherin traits in Beth, though; she's really so conflicted, personality-wise, and it's rather important that that comes across!)

I'm reading back through what I just wrote up there and I'll just offer apologies right now for all the horrible syntax and what have you. I cannot function. THESE REVIEWS INHIBIT MY FUNCTIONING ABILITIES. I am never tired of hearing you talk, period. Because without you I wouldn't have even made it this far, sooo.

Mush over. :3 Thank you to infinity and beyond!!

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