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Review:Jchrissy says:
Holy Cow! How is this over 9,000 words?? It absolutely doesn't feel like it.

Anway. Sorry for being a slow poke! Hiii! And I just creeped over the reviews you have on this... very pleased that Rosie also found it funny to be reading you from a first person Girls PoV.

I can absolutely relate to Tonks in this first section in Mollyís kitchen. Mainly with the patience thing. Because patience is not a virtue. Itís an annoying way to make people uneasy.

I also really liked the few comparisons to Molly and her own Mother. Considering sheís the same age as Charlie, Molly is probably around the same age as her parents. But itís nice that they feel more like friends in this. And that Tonks is able to swallow her embarrassment and take advantage of this situation by quizzing Molly a bit more.

Ahh. I have to say that the paragraph revolving around Tonks being herself may be my favorite. Iíve wondered that before. What you do when you can literally be anyone. Does it enhance your self esteem knowing you can turn yourself into anything, the most beautiful woman, or ruin it because thatís exactly what people see as opposed to the person? Iím really happy you also snuck in the different sides of her characters, and I think made a small joke to yourself about your own personal annoyance with what she chooses to do with her powers in the HP series.

So as disappointed as I was to hear about our favorite part probably not being the best to include, I do really love the changes. The image of the two Wolfies cuddling together was precious. I wanted to curl up with them. But.. they probably wouldnít have appreciated that. Haha.

Okay, back up. Sorry, got ahead of myself.

The change is so awesome. I canít get over that. It just felt very realistic and I think enduring that, despite Remus probably not being pleased she had to nor would he ask her to, did show him how committed she is to this. It was an awesome gesture.

Okay, rewind again. Remus is back to sensible too careful Remus. And Tonks is clearly not taking that.

Oh God. I remember loving this while reading it, the part about what kind of amateur does he think heís dealing. Still love it. In my head Tonks always has this innocent look to her, no matter how deceiving that look might be, she still has it. And for some reason that line just kind of increased it, which it shouldnít have.. but it did. She balance out his moody, woe is me, side perfectly. Not that Remus doesnít have right to kind of had that attitude, heís definitely been handed the short end of the stick, but she brings a new kind of life to them.

So..whatís next? :P. I know I know, Iím getting greedy. Itís just been so excited to see you coming up with all these amazingly varied pieces!

Author's Response: I guess I have to respond to this lovely review, don't I? I am saddened to have it disappear from my Unanswered Reviews page, but that is the circle of life.

I really had no intention of this story being so long when I started writing it. I was enjoying myself so much. I just couldn't stop.

I think I found my inner woman while I was writing this. Or at least my inner shape-shifting tomboy witch. The former would be a lot more useful in the long run, I suppose.

Patience is a virtue for **most** people. :-P

Molly is, I believe, somewhere between 2 and 5 years older than Andromeda, because she's 1 year older than Bellatrix. So in the ballpark, yes. I feel like she took a strong liking to Tonks because Tonks, in turn, was definitely a friend and a sort of role model for Ginny and Hermione. Role model in the sense of being an Auror, of course, not in the sense of her rather tumultuous love life.

I hadn't thought Tonks's psyche through to quite that extent, but it all makes perfect sense. That's a great question you pose. What little we see of Tonks in the books, she always seems sort of hot-and-cold. She's clearly gifted in many ways beyond just being a metamorph, but she's never really comfortable around "the adults". And, yes, I did slip in the part about amusing Ginny and Hermione because that was the major use of her talents for much of the books.

You know the story. What was done had to be done. I'll simply leave it at that.

Thank you so much for your wise counsel on the shift. It did need to be something that she really had to work at. Something she had to suffer for. That made the whole scene so much more meaningful, I think.

Ha. Yeah, Tonks isn't an amateur by any means, and she would doubtless prefer that Remus isn't completely, 100% aware of that fact. She's funny that way.

I'm not sure what's next. I feel like I should write at least one more chapter of Detox. It's sort of languishing right now.

Thanks so much for all of your amazing support and enthusiasm. You make this all much more fun. Til next time, darling!

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