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Review:Remus says:
I'm here! Hopefully by the end of this I'll be inspired to tackle the next chapter of HPoF.

You know, I never was one to sit down and think about it but you're right. Sirius is the first one out of Tonk's mother's side to not be a raving pureblood maniac. I can easily picture Sirius and Tonks just talking about their family and perhaps Tonks updating him with information about what has happened. Despite Sirius cutting off his family, I think he would still be curious as to what has happened to his cousins, specially Andromeda of whom he got along. I wonder what Andromeda's and Sirius' meeting would've gone...

I took Sirius for a walk --I just laughed at that.

Poor Tonks! She's impatient! I can honestly relate on that aspect myself.

I have to ask this. Did you have fun writing this? This piece I believe, is your first fic where the narrative is First POV, right? But doing a First POV through a woman's eyes...haha! Were you, at one point, thinking 'what am I doing here...?!"

I laughed when Tonks just starts freaking out about Mollys' comment about Remus asking her out. You know, while some fans complained that Remus's relationship with Tonks came out of nowhere, I think that they two of them went on a couple of dates. I think Remus allowed himself a bit of dating before he realized what he was doing and put a stop to it. Hmm...told you this might help me with my writer's block! :D

The paragraph where Tonks asks herself why she's at Hogsmeade and then realizes that she's there because of Remus... I just laughed. Couldn't stop laughing actually! That has got to be my favorite part of the entire story!

As soon as I read that she's going up the stairs, I immediately imagined Wolf just sitting still for a moment or so to listen as the intruder is coming into his territory. He's panicking of course and that's why he wants to attack Tonks. Got a question though, is this the werewolf design from the movie or the books? The reason I ask is because you keep mentioning 'feet' and 'arm' which I would consider human characteristics. Then again, this is your take on it, I'm just wondering. XD

Hahaha! I too want to keep Remus as a pet! :D

OMG! The shifting sounds painful! It's one thing to write about it but when you just read it having no clue as to what is going to happen next...All I could think was "oww...oww that sounds painful..." Great job on that scene!

I totally just squeed when she puts herself in a submissive pose. Probably saved her life! And did the wolf just laugh at her when she falls? If so, that's just brilliant! Also him inspecting to make sure that she's alright after she runs into the tree was a great detail.

The part where Tonks launches herself at Remus and she lands on top of him sort of remind me of the Lion King. However, it was sweet! And I totally imagine the two of them behaving this way on their first outing together.

This was a great story! I honestly think that, until JKR tells me otherwise, Tonks joined Remus on those nights. Perhaps it came easy for her to become an animagi due to her power or perhaps she shifted as you had her do here but my head canon she joins Remus.

Anyway! Thank you! Thank you!!! X 10 I LOOOVED this story!! It immediately went into my faves! :D

Until next time!


Author's Response: Hello, darling!

First off, I'm very glad that you enjoyed this. It was obviously inspired in very large part by the wonderful story that you've crafted in HPoF. I'm so happy to have played a small part in that. It's been fun and rewarding and more than anything else I've really enjoyed working with you and getting to know you better.

Canon implies that Andromeda and Sirius got along well, although there's something of a difference in age there. And fanon certainly makes them out to be kindred spirits within the Black family, along with their Uncle Alphard. To me, that implies that Sirius probably would have taken a liking to Tonks if for no other reason than she was Andromeda's daughter. Add to that the obvious similarities in the personalities and their other common interests and I can't see how they wouldn't have hit it off.

I loved the idea of Tonks walking Padfoot around the neighborhood, taking advantage of unsuspecting muggles who were in turn trying to take advantage of the young woman with the pink hair and the dog. Makes me laugh.

You know, Jami was all over that from the word go. "You're writing first person from a woman's point of view? I'm giggling so hard right now!" Honestly, it wasn't that hard. Tonks is, to me, a very unconventional female PoV. She's very tomboyish. If you were asking me to write first-person from Hermione's PoV or heaven forbid Molly's, I couldn't do it. Ginny I might have an outside chance just because I've read so much fan fic around her and I like the character so much. Tonks, in a lot of ways, thinks more like a guy to me.

I started out thinking of this more in terms of the mostly bipedal werewolf in Prisoner of Azkaban and then changed course about halfway through writing it and decided I preferred the more quadrupedal version from the books. I don't think of the werewolf as being purely quadrupedal, though, just predominantly. So Tonks is able to sort of wedge a wand into her front paw and use it, but not well enough to do anything fancy.

I think we all want to keep this version of Remus as a pet. He's warm and fuzzy and soft and not all bitey and tear-your-head-off-ey.

I'm really glad that Tonks's shift didn't sound easy. I wanted to really emphasize how much she's going through in order to do this for Remus. And I think the submissive pose is non-trivial for her, as well. She's just not that type. This story is about more than her just convincing Remus that she cares. In a way, she's also demonstrating it to herself.

I loved writing everything that happens in the Dark Forest. Whether you're thinking of the Lion King or something else, I really enjoyed the idea of these two frolicking and just enjoying themselves. That's what's been missing from the wolf's life for so long.

I really like to think that she did join him, at least as much as he would allow her to. Once Dumbledore began sending him in infiltrate Greyback's pack, their opportunities might have been less.

You're welcome, you're welcome, you're welcome. As I mentioned in the dedication, you were always one of my favorite reviewers on the long journey that was CoB. You've been a great friend and I was very pleased to be able to dedicate this to you. Thank you for all of your help and support and I'm so pleased that you enjoyed it!

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